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Breast Implant Comparison: Sientra VS Mentor VS Allergan Implant


    Breast Implant Comparison: Sientra VS Mentor VS Allergan Implant

    What is the best brand for breast implants: Sientra VS Mentor VS Allergan?

    There's no easy answer to that question — every patient is unique and different. What's ideal for one may not work for another. With that said, the safety and well-being of the individual should still be the top priority when selecting a brand. Patients should consider the three mentioned FDA-approved breast implant manufacturers in the UnitedStates: Sientra, Mentor, and Allergan\

    Breast Implants Basics

    Understanding the comparisons requires knowing what makes breast implants:

    Implant Shell

    The implant shell is a silicone pocket or envelope that varies from smooth to microtextured to hyper-textured to somewhere in between.


    A breast implant can be filled with silicone gel, physiological saline, or hydrogel.


    A breast implant can be round, flat, anatomical, or teardrop-shaped. Round implants are the most common, ranging from low to high projection, and offer more fullness at the top of the breasts. Teardrop implants, meanwhile, offer a more natural look, as they give an appearance of a fuller bottom.

    The Sientra VS Mentor VS Allergan Comparisons

    All three manufacturers offer safe, high-quality silicone gel and saline-type implants. It's worth noting that there's no one correct implant type for all patients — it comes down to your needs, body type, and personal preference.

    Sientra implants VS Allergan VS Mento

    Even as the newest brand to enter the industry, Sientra already has a reputation as a reliable, high-quality breast implant manufacturer, supplying exclusively to surgeons who meet their high standards and are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

    Sientra also offers gel implants with five projections and uses an exclusive texturing technique to maintain the implant's positioning. They also provide round and teardrop silicone breast implants, with the latter aiming to imitate the look and texture of actual breasts.

    Allergan's Natrelle VS Mentor VS Sientra

    Allergan is one of the biggest and most well-known brands not only in the US, but also in the world. It offers a wide selection of implants, ranging from round to teardrop-shaped and from smooth to textured types.

    Its most popular implant collection for cosmetic breast augmentation is called Natrelle. Natrelle's product line is considered impressively comprehensive, with five projections and offering both saline and silicone types.

    Mentor implants VS Allergan VS Sientra

    Mentor promotes its proprietary blend as the softest, most natural-feeling silicone gel among the three. With the goal of enhancing breast appearance and restoration, its products are ideal for breast augmentation and reconstruction patients. At Burbank Plastic Surgery, we use Mentor silicone implants in our breast implant revision and breast augmentation procedures.

    According to a study in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Mentor implants posed the lowest complication rate for primary breast augmentation among the three brands.

    How long do Mentor implants last?

    Mentor breast implants tend to be stable and long-lasting. As per recommendation and warranty (which is one of the most comprehensive in the industry), they can last up to ten years on average.

    Who makes Mentor implants?

    Mentor Worldwide LLC is a California-based company that supplies the quality Mentor silicone and saline breast implants we know.

    Consult your doctor for recommendations

    Ultimately, the best breast implant brand for you is one that guarantees your safety and health and has the aesthetics that best fit your needs and preferences. It's crucial to speak with your plastic surgeon about your needs and goals to tailor your breast procedure accordingly.

    For more information about implants or our procedures at Burbank Plastic Surgery, please don't hesitate to contact us.