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High Profile Vs. Moderate Implants: Selecting the Right Size


    When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, you'll need to choose your ideal implant size, width, projection, covering, and filling material. While this can be confusing, working with a highly experienced surgeon will take the stress out of the process and help you select the right implant for your body shape and goals.

    Understanding the Metrics Behind Breast Implants

    Choosing the right sized implant is imperative to achieving your aesthetic goals. The two key drivers behind your implant sizing choice will, of course, be your desired outcome, as well as your unique anatomy. When selecting your implants, you will need to make decisions around:

    ● Implant filling - saline or silicone

    ● Outer covering - smooth or textured

    ● Shape - round or anatomic

    ● Size - width and projection.

    Your unique anatomy, particularly your chest width, base breast width, breast symmetry and proximity (cleavage), and your level of skin laxity, will play a significant role in the type and size of implants used.

    How To Measure Breast Implant Sizing

    Implant sizing is broken down into two key metrics; width and projection.

    Implant width refers to the base size of the implant and shouldn't deviate wildly from the width of the natural breast tissue.

    Implant projection considers how far the implant will project off the chest. Several sizing options are available, including low, moderate, moderate plus, high and ultra - high.

    Implants with a higher projection will have a smaller width to provide a more dramatic, fuller-looking result.

    Choosing Between High Profile vs. Moderate Implants

    There is a range of benefits and deciding factors that can help you choose between high profile vs. moderate implants.

    Benefits of High Profile Implants

    High-profile implants are great for anyone seeking a more dramatic change, extra

    fullness, and a more voluptuous figure. High-profile implants are preferred by those:

    ● Seeking more volume and shape to combat the effects of aging, weight loss, and breastfeeding

    ● With stretchy skin & breast tissue

    ● With minimal existing breast tissue

    ● Seeking greater upper pole fullness

    ● Undertaking reconstruction after mastectomy

    ● With a petite frame, otherwise known as a narrow base width

    Benefits of Low and Moderate Breast Implants

    Moderate implant sizes are the most popular due to their natural appearance and ability to be a comfortable middle ground. Ask your surgeon for moderate breast

    implants if you:

    ● Want subtle enhancement with a smaller, flatter projection

    ● Wish to add volume to the entire breast

    ● Want less 'side boob'

    ● Have wider breasts and want to enhance your cleavage

    ● Don't want to look 'heavy' or enjoy a more athletic silhouette that allows you to go braless comfortably.

    Seek Guidance from a Surgeon You Can Trust

    In your breast augmentation journey, the best thing you can do is find an experienced surgeon who genuinely listens to your goals. Before making your final decision around implant size, be sure to think of the future and ask yourself questions like:

    ● What is your ideal body shape?

    ● How will implants complement your current body shape?

    ● What kind of clothing do you want to wear?

    ● Will the size of your breasts impact the way you work, exercise, and live your life?

    This personal insight, combined with your surgeon's anatomical under standing and assessment of your body frame, breast tissue and goals, will help ensure you are happy with your implant size long into the future.

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