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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

1-2 weeks

Down Time

3 hours

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Augmentation Surgery

Anyone choosing breast augmentation surgery has a unique and personal reason for wanting to enhance their breasts, and usually has a very specific goal in mind. Whether they feel their natural breasts are too small or non-existent, or that they aren't in proportion with the rest of their body, this is a bespoke procedure that can achieve dramatic and beautiful results, customized specifically to each patient.

Why people have this procedure:


Achieve a more proportional figure or enhance existing curves.


Restoring fullness after breastfeeding or weight loss.


Correct any asymmetry between breasts.

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The Process

At your consultation, your surgeon will listen carefully to your desired goals, and discuss options that would be best suited to your unique build. Your surgeon will make recommendations based on your build, and your desired result, (size, shape, profile and type of implant) and they will ensure that you are satisfied with your treatment plan.

  • The procedure is performed by making a small incision along the lower edge of the areola or an incision in the central part of the fold under the breast.

  • A small opening is made and a pocket for the implant is developed under the breast tissue and muscle.

  • When the surgeon is satisfied with the placement of the implant, the incision is closed with sutures.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Full recovery time is generally 4-6 weeks, but can vary from patient to patient.

  • If you have a “desk job”, you should be able to return to work during the first week post-op (Your surgeon will advise you)

  • You can usually return to all non-strenuous activities 1-2 weeks after the procedure

  • There is typically some initial bruising that occurs after the procedure and takes about 1 to 2 weeks to resolve

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Breast augmentation customizations:



Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone that maintains its shape and consistency; it is made from a cohesive gel which keeps its form and appears much like a gummy bear. (Which gave this implant its nickname).

Firmness and cohesivity will be chosen during the consultation.

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

A fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat from one area, and carefully and artfully inject it into the breasts. This is ideal for women who don't want a major size increase, prefer not to have an implant, and want a soft, natural feel.



Saline implants are made of a silicone shell, and come pre-filled with saline solution, or are filled after insertion.

If this implant leaks, the saline is harmlessly absorbed by your body.

Size and volume will be discussed during the consultation.

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