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Small Size Breast Implants - Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better


    For many, the mention of breast implants brings thoughts of overly voluptuous breasts in a D cup or higher. While this may be the ideal look for some patients, those with a petite frame or an athletic background may want something a little more subtle

    Mini breast augmentation or a ‘mini boob job’ is ideal for those with smaller chests seeking a slight increase in volume.

    What is the Best Breast Implant Size for Small Frames and Athletes?

    Small-sized breast implants can provide a more subtle, natural-looking result that will leave people guessing whether or not you have had surgery.

    Patients more suited to smaller implant sizes include:

    ● Anyone with a slender, petite build

    ● Women experiencing sagging or deflation after breastfeeding or weight loss

    ● Athletes and bodybuilders

    ● Those with limited natural breast tissue

    ● People struggling with asymmetrical breasts

    If you already have larger breasts and would like to reduce their size, consider a breast reduction instead.

    What is the Smallest Breast Implant Size?

    While cup sizing is the measurement we are used to, the cup sizes themselves are not standardized. With that in mind, breast implants are measured in cubic centiliters (cc’s), which can range anywhere from 125cc up to 1200cc.

    As a rule of thumb, most women will opt for implants between 200cc and 500cc, with anything under 250cc considered a mini boob job as it generally equates to an increase of one cup size or less.

    The diameter and profile also impact the overall size of the implant. The diameter refers to the width of the implant, which should be roughly the same size or smaller than the natural breast.

    Further, the implant profile measures how far it will project from the chest. If you seek smaller implants, most surgeons will recommend a low-profile option with a flatter projection to add volume evenly across the chest.

    Small Breast Augmentation Options

    If you’re seeking more subtle, natural-looking breast augmentation, then there are a few options available.

    Mini Breast Augmentation

    Mini boob jobs are gaining popularity and involve implants less than 250cc. They are a fantastic option for women that want to boost their chest by a cup size and help their breasts appear fuller and rounder while still maintaining natural proportions and shape.

    Smaller breast implants allow for a more conservative look that makes it easier to go braless, as the breasts don’t require as much support. Smaller implants also generally mean a smaller scar, with less chance of long-term breast-related issues such as back, neck, and shoulder pain, and sagging skin.

    Breast Lift Surgery

    Alternatively, if you are less worried about size and more concerned about sagging, consider a breast lift or mastopexy. During this procedure, your surgeon will remove any excess fatty tissue and skin to reshape, tighten and raise the breasts. They can also reposition the nipple and areola to a more natural position.

    It’s important to note that mastopexy will not increase the size of your breast. So, if you are looking for a lift and a little extra volume, consider combining the surgery with small implants to achieve your desired look.

    Speak to a Breast Augmentation Expert

    If you’re considering breast augmentation and aren’t sure what option is best for your body, be sure to book a consultation with the experts at Burbank Plastic Surgery. Our team will take the time to understand your goals, walk you through larger and smaller implants before and after images, and provide you with a range of options. That way, you can make the most informed decision about your breast augmentation surgery.