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At What Age Should I Consider A Brazilian Butt Lift?


    At a certain point in our lives, some of us ask ourselves if we're too old to undergo cosmetic procedures to improve our bodies. Am I too old for a butt lift? At what age should I consider a Brazilian butt lift? Will I be strong enough for a speedy post-surgery recovery

    We're here to tell you that age does play a part in increasing your risk of complications after any surgery, in general. However, with a skilled surgeon and a healthy lifestyle, even those in their late fifties can enjoy the aesthetic results of a cosmetic procedure. To be a good candidate for a BBL, your doctor will assess your lifestyle, medical history, current health and capability to undergo surgical treatment.

    At what age should I consider a Brazilian butt lift (BBL)?

    As long as you're a mature adult who leads a healthy lifestyle, is in good health and has sufficient fat for transfer, you're qualified for a butt lift. There's no right age for the surgery, but various age groups may have different experiences and reasons to undergo the procedure.

    For 18 - 25 year-olds:

    While there's no actual age limit for a BBL, the human brain doesn't fully develop until 25 — if you're younger than this, you have to assess yourself carefully: Is my body done developing? Am I emotionally mature enough to undergo this type of surgery?

    For 26 - 35 year-olds:

    If you're a healthy adult within the 26 to 35 age range, you're likely an excellent candidate for a BBL. Around this age, you have enough fat from other parts of your body that can be used to enhance your buttocks. Healing will also be faster the younger you are.

    For 36 - 45 year-olds:

    For women, this is the period where they're probably done having children — offering a perfect opportunity to get a butt lift. Pregnancy causes drastic fluctuations in weight and hormones, which leads to sagging skin in the buttocks.

    For 46 - 54 year-olds:

    Around this age, you're starting to lose a significant amount of volume in your buttocks, and your skin begins sagging more. Recovery post-BBL will be slower, but having and maintaining good health will make the healing process easy.

    For 55 year-olds and older:

    It's likely that you're experiencing significant skin sagging and localized loss of volume at this age. As long as you live a healthy lifestyle and have no blood disorders, you're still a good candidate for BBL.

    Does age affect BBL results?

    There are several factors that contribute to how long BBL results last, including how the buttocks are cared for post-op and during the healing process, your plastic surgeon's skills, your lifestyle, and patient profile — which includes age, genetic makeup, health conditions, and skin tone and thickness. 

    The younger you are, the longer you can enjoy your youthful, perkier derriere. Patients between 26 and 35 may expect their BBL results to last for more than 15 years, while those who are 50 and older may enjoy the outcome for a decade.

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