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Fat Transfer to Buttocks - Brazilian Butt Lift Explained


    Despite leading a healthy lifestyle and undertaking grueling sessions at the gym, some people just can’t achieve their dream physique and derriere. But there is a way to create volume and add shape and curves to your buttocks using a fat transfer procedure called the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

    This surgical fat grafting procedure can make your wishes come true—filling, tightening, shaping, and lifting your rear to achieve the body you desire. Because the results are aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking, BBL has become the most popular method to contour and augment the buttocks, as opposed to the more invasive implants procedure.

    Here is what you need to know about this surgical enhancement.

    What happens in a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

    The BBL is a quick and safe cosmetic surgery procedure that adds natural fat from your body to your buttocks. It has two stages: first, harvesting fat, and second, injecting the collected fat to the areas to be enhanced.

    In the first stage, liposuction will be used to collect fat from thick fatty tissue that contains healthy fat deposits. For those asking, "can you move fat from your stomach to your buttocks?" The answer is yes—the waist, belly, and proximal thigh areas are the primary choices for harvest. Typically, patients take fat from their abdomen or lower back to enhance their overall body proportions.

    The harvested fat will then be processed and purified. Once purified, it will be injected strategically into the buttocks. Since the fat tissue will be injected at multiple levels under the skin, your surgeon may do re-injections. You can read more about the fat transfer to buttocks recovery, process, and pricing on our Brazilian Butt Lift page.

    How much fat do you need for a fat transfer to the buttocks?

    In general, at least 1000 cc of fat is needed for both buttocks. Most surgeons may perform liposuction on two or three areas for re-injection. Candidates for this surgery should ideally have a body mass index of at least 23, but no higher than 30, to have enough fat for the transfer. A body fat range that goes higher than 35 may increase the likelihood of complications.

    However, depending on expectations, goals, body type, height, and other factors, the ideal weight for the surgery may vary from patient to patient. Your surgeon should inform you during your consultation if your weight is appropriate for the procedure.

    What are the side effects of fat transfer?

    Given the increased safety profile of this procedure, there are very minimal side effects on the whole. During the procedure, since anesthesia will be used, you may experience dizziness and nausea. The liposuction and injections can cause soreness, swelling, and bruising—particularly in the buttocks and areas where fat was collected—lasting a few days to a month. You may also notice minimal scarring at the incision sites.

    What are the benefits of fat transfer to buttocks? Is the BBL worth it? Its many benefits point to yes. This procedure:

    • Has little to no complications, since the patient uses their own fat

    • Removes fat from unwanted areas

    • Makes your upper and lower body more balanced

    • Delivers more natural-looking results compared to implants

    • Long-lasting results

    Because this procedure is complex, it’s crucial to have the BBL performed by a board-certified surgeon who has the knowledge and experience to perform the surgery safely.

    If you're interested in enhancing your buttocks, get in touch with us. With world-class expertise and top-tier skills in plastic surgery, Burbank Plastic Surgery can turn your dream figure into reality.