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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

3 weeks

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3 hours

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BBL Surgery Los Angeles

The celebrity images are everywhere... from J-Lo to Kim Kardashian, the butt is certainly having its moment in the spotlight. Whether you’re dreaming of a round, voluptuous derriere, or you just want a little more than nature gave you, this is one of the areas of the body that can be very difficult to shape naturally. Many of the patients that come to us have spent long hours in the gym trying to increase the size of their glutes, and are often disappointed with the minimal results after all that hard work. A BBL will instantly give you the curves you want—using the fat that you don’t.

Why people have this procedure:


Traditional exercise has failed to produce the desired enhanced results.


There is virtually no chance of rejection, because the tissue is all yours.


Removing unwanted fat from one area, and transferring it to create volume in your buttocks—and give you the hourglass figure you desire.

Ready to discover the new you?

The Process

Due to the complexity and possible complications of this surgery, it should be performed by a surgeon who is knowledgeable and experienced with this particular procedure.

A consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your wishes and show the surgeon photos of what you would like to achieve. (Athletic, curvy, voluptuous.) They will determine what is possible for you after an examination of fatty areas that could be harvested, and the elasticity of your skin. You can then move forward with a customized surgical plan that will ensure you will have results that make you look and feel your very best.

  • During your procedure, fat is carefully removed by liposuction from your waist, belly and the proximal thigh area, then processed and purified. Most surgeons like to perform liposuction on at least two or three major areas in order to collect enough for re-injection.

  • After the fat has been purified, it is strategically and very carefully positioned to create the perfect shape that compliments your body type. Experience and skill are crucial to ensure the fat is not injected too deep and into the muscle.

Recovery and Healing

Patients experience some soreness and bruising post procedure, which is perfectly normal.

  • It is important to remember that you will be quite swollen after your Brazilian Butt Lift, and this swelling could last up to a month.

  • It’s imperative to avoid putting any excess pressure on your backside, or sitting for a prolonged period during the first three weeks, to protect the fat cells and encourage optimal results.

  • We have a bespoke aftercare protocol that makes sure all patients have the best outcome possible. A big part of this is lymphatic massages, radio frequency to break down fibrous tissue/banding and IV drips to hydrate and speed up BBL recovery.

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Liposuction with fat transfer

Liposuction with fat transfer

Vertical Butt Lift

Vertical Butt Lift

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