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BBL Recovery Time - What to Expect After Surgery


    The Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is popular among patients who seek out a more shapely derriere and voluptuous silhouette.

    In a nutshell, the surgery harvests fat from areas in the body, such as the stomach, hips, and proximal thighs, before injecting it into the buttocks. The injected fat contours and lifts the derriere, creating a perkier, more youthful look. The surgery is often combined with other procedures, such as a tummy tuck, to help sculpt your perfect body.

    BBL Recovery Timeline

    Your BBL recovery time needs to account for both the liposuction sites and the buttocks. While the BBL healing time will depend on various factors, most people should account for an initial 4-6 week recovery time.

    As a rule of thumb, the donor and injection sites will be healed within six weeks, with the worst of the swelling gone after four weeks. It's also important to note that up to 40% of the transferred fat may not survive the surgery.

    Further, if you combine your BBL with another surgery, recovery time may differ or include more discomfort. For example, the recovery time for a BBL and tummy tuck combo is relatively similar to a BBL on its own; however, the swelling, bruising, and tenderness will spread more across the abdominal region

    BBL Healing Stages

    Most patients undergoing surgery will experience the following BBL healing stages

    Stage 1: Immediately After Surgery

    You are likely to be quite sore and tender as the bruising and swelling form. Your surgeon will provide some pain relief mediation, and it is recommended that you enlist the help of a loved one as a caretaker to drive you home and assist you around the house for the first 24-48 hours. You must get plenty of rest during this time, avoid sitting and take short walks to keep blood flowing.

    Stage 2: Weeks 1-2

    You'll be required to wear a compression garment to help reduce discomfort and minimize swelling. You must continue to avoid sitting directly on your glutes and keep the injection and donor sites as clean as possible to prevent infection

    Stage 3: Weeks 3-4

    While you will still have some pain, tenderness, and swelling, you can start taking longer walks and resume light exercise. Depending on your surgeon's advice, you may gradually start to reduce your compression time.

    Stage 4: Weeks 5-6

    At this point, you will see some visible results from the liposuction and BBL fat grafts as your wounds have healed. Depending on your progress, you may be clear to resume some lower body exercises.

    Tips to Reduce BBL Recovery Time

    Make the most of your BBL healing time with the following tips:

    ● Take at least two weeks off work and get plenty of rest

    ● Use an inflatable donut pillow to reduce pressure when sitting

    ● Avoid sitting on the glutes

    ● Sleep on your stomach or propped up with pillows on your side

    ● Moisturize three times a day for at least six weeks

    ● Restrict daily activities that will elevate your blood pressure

    ● Enjoy short, gentle walks to minimize the risk of clotting

    ● Restrict any heavy lifting and cardio for up to 8 weeks

    ● Wear loose-fitting clothing

    ● Eat a healthy, balanced diet low in sugar, fat, and salt

    ● Do not consume alcohol and quit smoking

    ● Stay hydrated

    ● Avoid swimming and hot tubs to prevent infection

    ● Don't rush the healing process!

    Speak to a BBL Specialist

    At Burbank Plastic Surgery, we offer a bespoke aftercare protocol to ensure the best recovery outcomes for all our patients, including lymphatic drainage massages, radiofrequency, and IV drips

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