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What Should I Wear After Breast Augmentation? Your Complete Guide


    If you’re concerned by small, asymmetrical or sagging breasts, a breast augmentation procedure is by far the most effective way to create a more pleasing and proportionate bust. However, the way you care for your new breasts in the initial days and weeks following your procedure can have a big impact on the final result—and that includes what you wear.

    If you’re wondering “what should I wear after breast augmentation”, this guide provides a complete overview of everything you need to know.

    What should I wear after a breast augmentation?

    There are a few clothing must-haves after a breast augmentation which include:

    ●     a supportive bra - we’ve provided plenty of helpful advice about choosing a post-surgical bra below

    ●     loose-fitting or button front tops - the best tops to wear after breast augmentation are button front tops or tops which you can change easily without too much movement or stretching

    ●     comfortable pants - while breast augmentation won’t affect the lower half of your body, it’s important to choose pants which you can change easily without straining your chest area

    What bra can you wear after breast augmentation?

    Your choice of bra throughout the various recovery phases is by far the most important clothing decision you’ll need to make following breast augmentation.

    Immediately following surgery

    Immediately following your surgery your breasts will be swollen and tender, so you’ll need to wear a post-surgery medical compression bra. These purpose-designed bras provide superior support to regular bras, helping to protect the breast tissue, reduce swelling, hold wound dressings in place and minimize implant movement.

    While your surgeon will advise on how long you’ll need to wear a post-surgical compression bra, it’s likely you’ll need to wear one both day and night for the first week or two following their procedure.

    A couple of weeks after surgery

    After around two weeks, most patients can safely transition to a supportive sports bra with:

    ●     soft cups

    ●     thick straps, and

    ●     no underwire.

    Ideally, you also want to choose a sports bra with a front clasp to avoid having to stretch to fasten and unfasten your bra.

    It’s recommended that you continue to wear your sports bra both day and night until you’ve made a full recovery.

    Once you’re fully healed

    Everyone heals from breast augmentation at a different rate, making it difficult to provide a clear timeframe for when you’ll be able to transition back to wearing a normal bra with an underwire.

    Your surgeon will need to give you the go-ahead before you resume wearing a normal bra, however, you should expect to wait at least 6-12 weeks.

    When can I go braless after augmentation?

    While it’s best to provide your new breasts with as much support as possible post-surgery, it’s usually safe to go braless on occasion (but not daily) from around six weeks.

    Most patients should wait at least 3 months before going braless on a regular basis.

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