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How to Improve Sagging Breasts


    The female body is incredible. Our wombs develop and nourish new life, our breasts feed babies their essential nutrients while they grow, our hormones are constantly in motion to support menstruation needs, and we still manage to look incredible while doing it! 

    When you consider just how much the body does on its own, it's no wonder women start to notice physical changes like sagging breasts. 

    Sagging breasts is a common problem experienced by women young and old and is nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, it can impact your self-confidence as your breasts no longer look as firm and full, and potentially even cause discomfort.

    Why do breasts sag?

    Breasts have no muscle and are instead made up of ligaments and different types of connective tissue. This means you can't just go to the gym or do workouts to target the breast shape like you would other parts of the body. Individual genetics also play a role in skin elasticity and breast size, which play a part in how breasts develop as you age. 

    With this in mind, breasts can sag for several reasons, including: 

    ●     Changes in size due to multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding

    ●     Excessive weight gain or loss

    ●     High-intensity exercise (like tennis or running) without the support of a well-fitted bra

    ●     Menopause and hormonal fluctuations

    ●     Size (larger breasts tend to sag more than smaller breasts)

    ●     Aging breast tissue

    ●     Gravity

     While you can take measures to help slow down the sagging process, like wearing correctly fitting bras, sagging breasts is very much a natural sign of aging experienced by most women. 

    Thankfully there is a solution on how to improve sagging breasts, otherwise known as mastopexy. 

    What is mastopexy?

    Mastopexy, or a breast lift, works to restore the breasts' shape, projection, and placement. The surgery repairs sagging and restores fullness by removing extra skin and excess fatty tissue. Mastopexy can also help improve any asymmetries between the breasts, reposition nipples and decrease areola size.

    It's important to note that mastopexy is not the same as breast augmentation. If you are looking to improve sagging, then a breast lift is for you - if you're after bigger or smaller breasts, look into alternative surgeries like implants or breast reduction. With this in mind, mastopexy can easily be combined with breast augmentation to help restore your breasts to their youthful state or achieve the bust of your dreams.

    The advantages of a breast lift

    Investing in a breast lift can do wonders for your self-confidence and boasts a range of benefits, including: 

    ●     Fuller and firmer breasts

    ●     Improved clothing fit

    ●     Restored and improved nipple projection

    ●     Reduced irritation under the breast, preventing rubbing and discomfort 

    When done by a surgeon you can trust, like Dr. Orloff at Burbank Plastic Surgery, you can also use Vectra 3D technology to visualize and map out the final outcome of your surgery, helping set your mind at ease and get you excited for the healed result.

    Learn more about how to improve sagging breasts

    At Burbank Plastic Surgery, our team of highly-qualified health professionals wants nothing more than to provide you with unwavering guidance, compassion, and care as you undergo treatment for sagging breasts. Schedule a consultation with Dr. George Orloff and discuss a potential breast lift today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can sagging breasts be firm again?

    As we age, our skin loses collagen and elasticity, leading to saggier skin and, by default, saggy breasts. With the help of a breast lift and other procedures like breast augmentation, sagging breasts can regain their youthful firmness, shape, and contour. 

    What is the fastest way to tighten saggy breasts?

    The fastest and most effective way to tighten saggy breasts is through breast lift surgery, known as mastopexy. There are plenty of ointments, creams, and natural remedies available online; however, none of these are proven to tighten saggy breasts. This is because, unlike surgery, topical treatments cannot remove excess fatty tissue and skin to tighten the breasts.