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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction Surgery LA

Large breasts can be quite uncomfortable, but they can also contribute to some other physical challenges such as poor posture, back aches, rashes between and underneath the breasts, and skeletal abnormalities. Not to mention the difficulty and frustration of buying clothing, bathing suits and bras!

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces, lifts and reshapes your breasts, improving the aesthetic appearance and alleviating the physical and emotional impact that large breasts can have.

This is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures and has one of the highest satisfaction rates. It is life-changing!

Why people have this procedure:


Achieve a more youthful, comfortable, and proportional silhouette. It becomes easier to sleep, exercise, and shop for bras, swimwear and clothing.


Relieve physical symptoms such as sore back, shoulders and neck, rashes under the breasts, and improper posture.


Alleviate the emotional toll that overly large breasts can have on women. Self esteem issues, embarrassment and self-consciousness are common.

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The Process

Each patient has unique needs, therefore a thorough consultation with the surgeon will determine the best surgical approach to not only ease any physical symptoms, but to create a natural and aesthetic improvement.

Vectra 3D technology is very useful during your consultation so that you can see your potential outcomes, and make an informed decision with the surgeon.

  • Breast reduction surgery can be simplified into 2 techniques. The vertical approach and the inverted T approach.

  • Using one of these 2 techniques, the surgeon removes excess tissue, fat and skin, then contours and shapes the remaining breast tissue. They relocate the nipple/areola to a more appropriate spot, and close with sutures.

The Recovery

Recovery time for this procedure is typically 1 month, but can vary between individuals.

  • You should be able to return to your normal daily routine a week to 10 days after surgery

  • Exercise and lifting should be avoided for at least 6 weeks to allow for proper healing.

  • Results continue to improve over the course of a year.

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The vertical or Lollipop is ideal for patients who need a more moderate size reduction. In some instances, a hybrid of the two techniques will be used.

Inverted T

Inverted T

The inverted T, or Anchor technique allows for the maximum degree of tissue removal and reshaping. We will use this method if you need a significant size reduction.

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