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What is a Donut Breast Lift & Are You a Candidate for It?


    Many women become unhappy with the shape or projection of their breasts as they age or undergo bodily changes, such as pregnancy or weight loss. Ligaments and skin become stretched and disrupted with these significant changes, eventually leading to saggy breasts. Fortunately, we now have cosmetic treatments to help restore that lost youthful contour, like the donut breast lift surgery. 

    What is a donut breast lift? Here's what you need to know about this treatment and whether you're an ideal candidate for it.

    What is a Donut Breast Lift?

    A donut lift, also known as donut mastopexy, periareolar mastopexy, or mini breast lift, aims to give a more youthful, perkier look to mildly sagging breasts. The process involves removing a small amount of excess skin and repositioning the breast shape.


    Do you qualify for a donut breast lift?

    This cosmetic breast surgery is ideal for patients who experience mild to moderate sagging breasts that are small- or medium-sized — essentially those who don't require drastic changes. 

    A good candidate for this procedure must be in good health and should not have pre-existing health conditions or active diseases. It's also ideal if the patient doesn't plan to have any more children afterward, since pregnancy and breastfeeding will naturally stretch and sag the breast skin and may rapidly deteriorate the results of the lift.

    Donut Breast Lift VS Full Breast Lift

    A donut mastopexy gives your breasts a firmer and fuller look after the surgery. What's more is that this enhancement is virtually scar-free and offers a natural-looking outcome. However, patients with larger breasts or extensive ptosis (sagging or drooping) are unlikely to experience improvement with this treatment; they may see better results with a traditional breast lift surgery. Differences between the two procedures are as follows: 

    ●     The number of incisions

    Standard breast lift uses two incisions: one around the areola and the other running from the areola to the breast crease. Meanwhile, a donut breast lift uses one incision around the areola. 

    ●     Scarring and recovery

    Due to fewer incisions required for the donut lift procedure, there won't be any vertical scarring at the underside of the breast, which may mean a more comfortable recovery for the patient. 

    ●     Results

    Fewer incisions mean the amount of lift the donut lift can produce is limited, hence the "mini" breast lift name.

    Breast procedures performed in conjunction with Donut Lift

    A donut lift can also be combined with other procedures to better improve sagging breasts and produce a more pleasing, symmetrical outcome. Some combined surgeries include donut breast reduction and donut lift with implants. When recommended for the latter, you will also have to decide what kind of breast implants are suitable for your case — round or teardrop-shaped? Textured or smooth implants? Saline or silicone? It's recommended to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to decide on the best treatment to help you achieve your goals. 

    If you'd like to learn more about mastopexy or other surgical options such as breast implant revision and augmentation, we'll be more than happy to discuss them with you. Get in touch with us today.