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What Is A Chin Augmentation — A Quick Rundown on Genioplasty & Implants


    For men, prominent, chiseled chins symbolize masculinity and strength. It's a facial feature that radiates confidence and authority, seen in many influential and successful men. For women, strong chins and defined jawlines are symbols of beauty, youth, and strength. However, a sharp, well-defined jawline does not always mean perfection. What makes a beautiful jawline is when it is harmonious with the rest of the person's face. 

    Whether you seek to correct a weak or recessed chin, improve facial contours, or enhance facial harmony, you may want to consider chin augmentation surgery. But first — what is a chin augmentation, and how exactly can it help you?

    What is a chin augmentation procedure?

    A chin augmentation refers to the refinement or improvement of the bone contour of the chin area. It is also called chin enhancement, genioplasty, and chin and jaw augmentation

    The process involves inserting an implant into the chin bone, well below the skin, or reshaping or moving the jawbones. The latter is called osseous or sliding genioplasty.

    Types of chin implants

    Chin implants can be inserted via injection or surgery, depending on your needs. There are two types of chin implants: 

    ●     Smooth / Silicone

     Silicone chin implants are generally preferred as they’re easier to maneuver and remove, if necessary. This implant material has a soft and flexible consistency that feels natural under the skin and adheres well to the bone. 

    ●     Porous / Medpor

    A porous implant has a more solid consistency than silicone and lets natural tissue grow into it, fusing the implant more fully into the natural structure of the chin. While secure, this implant material is harder to maneuver and remove once placed. 

    Which chin implant is best for you is a choice that should be made with your plastic surgeon.

    Chin Implant VS Filler

    If you’re looking into strengthening your chin but are unsure about undergoing chin surgery, consider dermal fillers as a trial procedure. Fillers may not offer significant results on the level of implants, but the enhancement gives you a peek into what an implant can provide. 

    Additionally, if you only need a modest chin improvement or a non-surgical option for augmentation, fillers may be the better choice. Save chin implants for substantial and permanent enhancements.

    What are the risks and side effects of chin implants?

    Like many surgical procedures, genioplasty is not without risks. However, complications are very few and rare, especially under the care of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Possible chin implant risks include: 

    ●     infection

    ●     hematoma, otherwise known as internal bleeding

    ●     poor scarring

    ●     a shift in the implant's position

    ●     anesthetic side effects 

    Expect any postoperative side effects like bruising and swelling to fade by two weeks.

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