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Chin and Jaw Augmentation

Chin and Jaw Augmentation

1 week

Down Time

2 hours

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Chin & Jaw

If you have been uncomfortably aware that your chin appears “weak” or recessed, and is not quite in harmony with the rest of your face, chin augmentation surgery may be the answer you are looking for. Chin implants add shape and projection, restoring balance to the face, and result in a well-defined and proportionate profile.

Why people have this procedure:


Achieve a more aesthetically pleasing shape, size and projection that is in harmony with the rest of your face.


Chin implants are a permanent solution, and feel and look very natural.


Can also be used to correct jaw or chin asymmetry, to give better jawline and neck definition.

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The Process

During your consultation, you will discuss your desired goals with your surgeon, and they will conduct a thorough examination. They will then tailor a surgical plan specifically for you, taking your unique anatomy and features into consideration.

  • During the procedure, the surgeon will make a small and hidden incision under the chin, and then the implant is inserted and secured into place. This can be done by slipping the implant into a well-fitting pocket or potentially attaching it to bone or soft tissue.

  • With the implant in place, they will verify that it looks natural and balanced.

  • If satisfied, your surgeon will close the incision with sutures.


Recovery time is generally 1 month, but will vary somewhat between individuals. It will also depend if this surgery is performed in conjunction with another procedure.

  • You will be able to return to your normal daily routine 1 week after surgery

  • Any bruising and swelling can be expected to fade by about 2 weeks.

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