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Teardrop Vs Round Implants - What’s the Difference?


    If you're considering breast augmentation surgery, you are likely deciding between teardrop and round implants. With the help of your surgeon, you can select the right implant that best serves your natural physique while still achieving your desired look.

    Implants and your body - Teardrop vs round implants

    Both round and teardrop implants have their unique range of benefits, but the final choice will depend on several factors, including: 

    ●     Chest anatomy

    ●     Amount of natural breast tissue

    ●     Position and shape of the tissue

    ●     Body type and composition

    ●     Nipple position

    ●     Cleavage and distance between breasts

    ●     Amount of breast sag


    Ultimately, the choice you make will also come down to your desired outcome. Do you want to maintain a natural look, achieve fuller breasts, or completely alter your look and breast size? Once you have a strong understanding of your motivations, this can be factored in to help you determine the shape of implant you use.

    Round implants

    As the name suggests, round implants provide a full, rounded appearance and more ample cleavage. Filled with silicone or saline, round implants boost the aesthetic, promoting a more voluptuous look by adding volume to the lower and upper breasts. 

    Round implants vary in diameter and projection based on the patient’s wants and are best suited to those with an already near-perfect breast shape, minimal sagging, and central nipple placement.

    Teardrop Implants

    Teardrop implants are shaped to align with the breast's natural contour, with less volume at the top and more at the bottom. Modeled after a more anatomical shape, teardrop implants can also be filled with saline or silicone and tend to be firmer than round implants due to their need to hold a specific shape. Teardrop implants are preferred by those wanting a more subtle enhancement, without the distinctive upper chest fullness that you get from round implants. 

    When it comes to round vs teardrop implants for reconstruction surgery, teardrop tends to be preferred as their anatomical shape offers far more natural results.

    What implants look the most natural?

    While it depends on the body's individual shape, teardrop implants are considered to look more natural due to their anatomical silhouette and lack of projection in the upper chest. 

    However, teardrop implants will stay the same shape when laying flat due to their form-stable gel, whereas round implants will evenly distribute across the chest more naturally. 

    If you're asking yourself, can round implants look natural? The answer is yes, providing they are adequately sized to suit the proportions of your body.

    What type of breast implants last the longest?

    Implant longevity has more to do with their makeup as opposed to their shape. While teardrop implants have a greater risk of twisting and causing an unbalanced appearance, the implants themselves will still last a long time.

    Get implants from an expert

    Ultimately, the outcome of your breast augmentation will come down to the expertise and experience of your surgeon. Choosing a highly trained surgeon like Dr. George Orloff, will ensure your implants fulfill your needs while being well suited to the anatomy of your body. For more information on breast augmentation, contact Burbank Plastic Surgery today.