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How to Maximize BBL Results for the Perfect Summer Look


    Between butt implants and a Brazilian butt lift, you're better off going for the latter to achieve a rounder backside and slimmer figure this summer. Not only is a BBL safer and less invasive, but the results are also far more natural-looking and softer. 

    That said, the transferred fat to your derriere is delicate and needs care to achieve your desired outcome. In this post, we’ll show you how to maximize BBL results.

    Understanding fat survival in BBL

    Maximizing your BBL results means optimizing fat survival. What the patient does following surgery will affect how much fat survives in the buttocks. 

    After the surgery, up to 40% of the fat may not survive in the new location. This percentage can vary based on several factors, including the volume of fat transferred, skin tightness and elasticity, and how a patient manages their BBL recovery period.

    How long does it take for fat to settle after BBL?

    While the waiting time for fat to settle varies, in most cases, patients can expect new curves within two to six weeks post-surgery, but it might take up to six months before they reach their final shape. The important thing to remember is that the outcome won't be visible until the fat cells have had time to grow and mature in the new location.

    Learn how to maximize BBL results

    In general, the plastic surgery process is a two-way street — your surgeon may transform your body, but maintaining it requires effort. In fact, there are steps you should take before and after the procedure to achieve the BBL surgery results you want.

    Before BBL

    ●     If you haven't already, start a healthy diet.

    ●     Consume sufficient protein to stimulate healing and help maintain muscle mass.

    ●     Take the vitamins provided by your doctor during your pre-operative visits.

    ●     If you're a smoker, quit smoking months before your surgery.

    ●     You should be in overall good health and at a good weight. Most surgeons recommend having a BMI under 30 but above 23 or 24 to qualify for BBL.

    After BBL

    ●     Even after the surgery, it's best to steer clear of all types of smoking — including second-hand smoking.

    ●     Maintain a stable weight.

    ●     Keep up with your healthy diet— if you ever wonder how to feed the fat after BBL, the answer is nutrition. Your system will need additional calories to ensure the new fat cells have enough blood supply. Try eating nutrient-rich foods and adding healthy fats to your diet (like avocados, salmon, almonds, walnuts, and coconut oil) to help with recovery.

    ●     Drink plenty of fluids rich in essential electrolytes, salts, and minerals during the first eight weeks of your recovery.

    ●     Don't sit directly on your buttocks for at least three to four weeks after surgery. Sitting will smother the newly moved fat cells.

    ●     For the same reasons, don't drive for at least six to eight weeks after your  surgery.

    ●     If you have to sit, use a BBL pillow or an elevated cushion underneath your thighs.

    ●     Sleep on your stomach or side for at least two months.

    ●     Wear your specialized compression garment for three to six weeks. It should fit snugly and not too tightly to minimize the pressure on your buttocks. Follow your plastic surgeon's specific instructions on garment-wearing.

    Look and feel gorgeous this summer with a new body.

    At Burbank Plastic Surgery, we offer a bespoke aftercare protocol that ensures all our patients have the best outcome possible following your Brazilian butt lift. We also have a range of other cosmetic treatments to help you look and feel your best before hitting the beach this summer. 

    Contact us today if you need our aesthetic expertise in Burbank, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.