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How Safe is a Brazilian Butt Lift?


    Sometimes, the secret to getting the perfect beach body isn't diet and exercise — it's a well-executed Brazilian butt lift (BBL). 

    Like all surgical procedures, however, this procedure isn't without risk. Here's what you need to know about its safety, and how you can ensure you’ll come out of the procedure with beautiful results.

    How Safe is a Brazilian Butt Lift Compared to Other Procedures?

    The BBL procedure has shown a higher complication rate than other cosmetic procedures. Yet, it remains one of the most popular methods to improve a flat derriere, and slim down your body, as it offers immediate, natural-looking results. 

    There is also a lowered risk of infection and no chance of rejection because the tissue used comes from your own body. What's more, there isn't an age limit for a BBL. 

    So, how safe is a Brazilian butt lift? It's actually safer than butt implants and injectables. The risk only really escalates with your choice of surgeon.

    Risks of a BBL

    The risks that are unique to BBL surgery boil down to whether your surgeon performs the procedure incorrectly. A good surgeon will understand, and have these considerations in mind: 

    ●     how much fat can safely be removed;

    ●     where the fat is injected;

    ●     how deep the fat is injected; and

    ●     the amount of fat that can safely be injected. 

    Fatalities and post-op complications are primarily due to the actions of unqualified and inexperienced surgeons performing Brazilian butt lift surgery. Your buttocks have a lot of underlying musculature and structures that can be compromised with improper technique. Any transferred fat should only be injected into the subcutaneous layer of existing fat. Injections that go deeper or place too much fat are highly dangerous and can lead to fatal complications such as fat embolism in the heart and lungs.

    Getting a Safe BBL Procedure — Consult a Professional

    Brazilian butt lifts are by no means a one-size-fits-all procedure. Each body is unique; what's safe for one patient may not be safe for you. There are also nuances of the treatment that your doctor needs to understand. As such, it’s critical that you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has successfully performed Brazilian butt lifts for a diverse range of patients. Your surgeon should recognize the procedure's limitations and be updated on the latest safety precautions.

    Are there BBL Alternatives?

    If you still feel uneasy about the procedure, here are some alternatives that can help get you the butt and body you want. 

    ●     Dermal fillers or injections

    ●     Skin plasma tightening

    ●     Buttock implants

    ●     Topical creams 

    There are instances where BBL surgery is a better option than the above treatments, such as when the patient is experiencing age-related sagging or has excess skin from weight loss. It's also worth noting that these alternatives may be costlier, have their own risks, and may not offer the same natural-looking results that a BBL provides. 

    There’s no better time to look your best than the warm summer months, and with the weather heating up, you may want to think about preparing now. For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or other aesthetic treatment options in Burbank, Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, schedule an appointment with our team today.