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Average Cost of a Breast Lift in 2024 - Top Cities and States


    Breast lifts aren’t one-size-fits-all. Surgeons tailor them to each individual’s needs and goals. Because of this, the cost varies from person to person. Factors like where you live, your surgeon’s experience, and the specifics of your procedure all play a role in the final cost.

    According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, average breast lift costs hover around $5,800 in the United States [1]. But that’s just the starting point — not factoring in related expenses like facility and anesthesia fees. In some metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, breast lift prices can be over $13,000. The only way to get an accurate idea of what you’ll pay is to have a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon.

    Breast lift cost by city and state

    The average cost of breast lift surgery, or a mastopexy, varies significantly across the U.S. Generally, prices are higher in major cities by the coasts compared to the South and Midwest. The skill, experience, and reputation of plastic surgeons in each area also impact the average cost. 

    Let’s look at some of the average prices for a breast lift in major cities in 2024:

    New York City, New York

    In the Big Apple, expect to pay a premium for a breast lift. The average cost for this procedure in NYC is $14,130. This price tag reflects the high cost of living and the abundance of top-tier plastic surgeons in the city.

    Los Angeles, California

    The City of Angels is another hotspot for plastic surgery. A breast lift in LA will run you about $13,600 on average. With many celebrities and influencers based here, the demand for expert surgeons keeps prices on the higher end.

    San Francisco, California

    In the Bay Area, the average breast lift cost is between $9,000 and $15,000. As with other California cities, an elevated cost of living and a high concentration of skilled plastic surgeons contribute to the steeper price compared to the national average.

    Miami, Florida

    Miami is well-known for its cosmetic surgery scene. Expect to pay around $6,400 for a breast lift here. This is higher than the national average, but much more affordable than in major California cities.

    Dallas, Texas

    In the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas, women pay an average of $8,000 for a breast lift.

    Chicago, Illinois

    In the Windy City, breast lifts average about $10,000.

    Seattle, Washington

    A breast lift in Seattle will set you back between $5,500 and $11,500 on average — depending on your procedure’s extent.

    What factors affect the cost of a breast lift?

    The final price tag for a breast lift depends on several key factors, such as: 

    • Breast lift type: More extensive lift techniques like the anchor lift cost more than minimal lifts like the crescent lift.

    • Geographic location: Costs vary based on the general cost of living and the cost of doing business in different areas.

    • Surgeon's expertise and reputation: Highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons with excellent track records often charge higher fees.

    • Facility fees: The operating room and surgical facility costs are typically higher at hospitals vs. private surgery centers.

    • Anesthesia fees: The breast lift cost depends on the anesthesiologist’s experience and whether you get general or local anesthesia.

    • Post-operative care: You may have to pay for medications to help your body heal after surgery.

    • Consultation fee: Surgeons may charge a separate consultation fee or build it into their overall fee.

    • Insurance coverage: Breast lifts are cosmetic procedures, so health insurance won’t cover it unless there’s a legitimate medical reason for it.

    • Additional procedures: Costs rise if you combine a breast lift with complementary surgeries like breast augmentation or reduction.

    Breast lift types and cost

    Different breast lift techniques help patients address specific degrees of sagging.  

    Here’s a rundown of the main lift types and their associated costs:

    Traditional (anchor) breast lift cost

    A traditional breast lift is the most extensive type. It’s recommended for significant sagging. The surgeon makes three incisions: one around the areola, one vertically down to the breast crease, and one along the crease. This method allows for dramatic reshaping and lifting. Women pay an average of $8,000 or more for this kind of breast lift.

    Peri-areolar (donut) lift cost

    A peri-areolar or “donut” lift is a less invasive option for mild to moderate sagging. The incision traces around the areola only. Surgeons often combine this with breast implants for additional volume. This lift offers minimal scarring but less dramatic results than the anchor lift. Patients can expect to pay less for a donut lift on its own, but more if implants are involved.

    Vertical (lollipop) lift cost

    A vertical or “lollipop” lift is a solid choice for moderately sagging breasts. The incision goes around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease. It skips the horizontal incision that you get from a full lift. This allows for significant lifting and reshaping, with less scarring. Costs for a lollipop lift vary, but your surgeon can provide an accurate quote after learning about your goals.

    Crescent lift cost

    A crescent lift is the most subtle type. It’s ideal for very mild sagging or asymmetry. The incision traces partway around the top half of the areola. As you might expect, results are minimal and the scar is well-camouflaged. Crescent lifts cost around $6,500 to $7,500.

    Does insurance cover the breast lift cost?

    In most cases, health insurance doesn’t cover breast lift surgery because it’s an elective cosmetic procedure. But there are some exceptions. Insurance may offer coverage if the lift is being done as part of a medically necessary breast reduction to alleviate symptoms like back pain and skin irritation. Breast lifts done as a part of reconstruction after a mastectomy or injury are often covered as well. 

    Not sure if your breast lift is eligible for insurance coverage? Talk to a local plastic surgeon and contact your insurance provider. Remember that even if insurance covers your lift, you’ll still be responsible for copays, deductibles, and potentially co-insurance costs.

    Are there financing options for a breast lift?

    Yes, many plastic surgeons offer financing plans to make breast lift surgery more accessible. Common options include medical credit cards like CareCredit, Alphaeon Credit, and PatientFi. These allow you to break the total cost into smaller monthly payments over time.

    Another possible route is using a regular credit card, though this often means higher interest rates. You could also consider saving up and paying for your procedure out of pocket to avoid financing fees and interest. Some surgeons give discounts for paying in full upfront, so be sure to ask.

    How long will a breast lift last?

    A breast lift can produce long-lasting stunning results. But it won’t completely stop the aging process. On average, a breast lift lasts 10 to 15 years before natural sagging starts to recur.  

    To prolong your results (and get the most out of your investment): 

    • Maintain a stable weight: Significant weight fluctuations cause your skin to stretch and sag, compromising your breast lift results. Maintain a healthy, consistent weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

    • Wear supportive bras: Proper support is crucial, especially during exercise. Wear a well-fitted, supportive bra daily to minimize bouncing and stretching of the breast tissue. Sports bras are a must for any high-impact activities.

    • Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin plump and elastic. Aim for at least eight glasses a day, and more if you exercise a lot or live in a dry climate. Good hydration slows down your skin’s aging process.

    • Don’t smoke: Smoking accelerates aging and breaks down collagen and elastin — the proteins that keep your skin firm and youthful. If you smoke, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your skin health and breast lift longevity.

    • Protect your skin from the sun: UV rays can damage your skin’s collagen and contribute to premature aging. Always wear sunscreen on any exposed skin, including your décolletage. Choose a high-SPF, broad-spectrum formula for maximum protection.

    • Follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions: Proper aftercare is essential for optimal healing and long-lasting results. Follow your surgeon’s guidelines for activity restrictions, scar care, and wearing your surgical bra. Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments.

    • Wait until after childbearing years: It’s best to get a breast lift after you’re done giving birth and breastfeeding. This stage of life can drastically change the shape of the breasts and compromise lift results.

    Do larger breast lifts cost more?

    Generally, yes. If you have significantly stretched skin and a larger degree of sagging, you will likely need a more extensive lift. This means a longer, more complex surgery — which comes with higher surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees.

    Also, many women with large, heavy breasts choose to combine their lift with a breast reduction. This combination procedure is more expensive than a lift alone. But the payoff is huge — it can dramatically improve comfort and appearance in one surgery. Some large lifts may also require surgical drains during recovery, adding to the overall cost.

    Are breast lifts worth the money?

    While the cost of a breast lift may seem daunting, most patients find the procedure to be a worthwhile investment in their confidence and quality of life. According to RealSelf, 94% of women who rated their breast lift experience said it was “worth it.” 

    A breast lift can: 

    • Help clothes and swimwear fit better

    • Make you feel more comfortable being intimate

    • Empower you to wear more clothing styles 

    In short, the physical and emotional benefits can enhance your life for years to come.

    However, there are some situations where a breast lift might not make sense. For example, it’s best to wait until after you’re done with childbearing if that’s in your near future. Pregnancy and nursing can cause further sagging, potentially undoing the results of your lift.

    It’s also worth noting that a breast lift won’t really provide a dramatic enough change to justify the cost and recovery time if you have minimal sagging and are happy with your breast size. In these cases, non-surgical options like doing chest exercises or ultrasound treatments might be sufficient to “perk up the girls.”

    Ultimately, whether a breast lift is “worth it” is personal. Consider your goals and budget carefully to ensure it’s the right choice. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

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