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Otoplasty Los Angeles (Cosmetic Ear Surgery)

If you're feeling uncomfortable with the size, shape, or protrusion of your ears, otoplasty (commonly referred to as ear pinning surgery) is a procedure that can help you feel more confident and comfortable in your appearance. This is a form of cosmetic surgery that reshapes and repositions the ears, resulting in a more balanced appearance.

Many people with asymmetrical or misshapen ears opt for this procedure to achieve their desired appearance. Otoplasty is also used to correct congenital ear defects.

Choosing a skilled plastic surgeon with a deep understanding of facial anatomy is key to achieving natural-looking results. Dr. Orloff is Los Angeles's leading otoplasty surgeon and is an expert in both reconstructive and cosmetic ear surgery. At Burbank Plastic Surgery, we're committed to patient safety, satisfaction, and comfort throughout your otoplasty procedure.

Why People Have Cosmetic Ear Surgery: 

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To achieve a more aesthetically pleasing shape, size, or position of the ears that is harmoniously balanced with your face.

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To correct an ear deformity as a result of a birth defect or injury.

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The Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty can be performed on both adults and children over the age of 5 and usually takes about two hours to complete. During your initial consultation, we'll ask you about your goals for the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

You will also need to complete a physical exam to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Certain medical conditions could impact your eligibility for surgery.

  • Otoplasty can be done with either general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Pediatric otoplasty is usually done with general anesthesia. For adults, your surgeon and anesthesiologist will decide whether to use general or local anesthesia depending on the type of otoplasty you're getting and your comfort level. 

  • During the procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision behind the ear or on the inner crease of the prominent ear. Your surgeon will then remove any excess cartilage from your ears. 

  • After removing any necessary cartilage and skin, your surgeon will reshape your ears to achieve your desired result. The incisions on the back of the ear are then secured with sutures and a bandage.

Recovering from Otoplasty

Recovery from otoplasty surgery typically takes up to six weeks. The exact recovery timeline will vary from patient to patient. Otoplasty incisions are very small, so after the recovery process is complete, no one will be able to tell you've had surgery. 

  • You'll need to rest for the first few days after surgery. Swelling will start to go down after the first 72 hours. There may be some discomfort and itching, but this will slowly subside as you heal. 

  • During the recovery process, you will need to wear a headband at night to protect your ears while you're sleeping. You'll also need to sleep on your back to avoid putting pressure on your ears. 

  • Depending on the type of otoplasty you have, your sutures may fall out on their own or your surgeon may remove them. Your surgeon will discuss this with you ahead of time so that you can make an appointment to have them removed if necessary. 

Most patients start to see results just a few days after otoplasty surgery, and your condition will continue to improve over the following two months.

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Types of Ear Correction Surgery

Ear Pinning

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is one of the most common types of surgery to address protruding ears. If your ears stick out further from your head than you would like, your surgeon will make adjustments so the entire ear appears closer to your head.

Ear Reconstruction

Ear Reconstruction

Ear reconstruction is used to correct misshapen or damaged parts of the ear. Your plastic surgeon will change the shape of your ears, removing folds or making new ones to create a more natural look and feel. Revision Otoplasty

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