Full Facelift

Dr. Orloff is well known for his unique skills to give a natural, not-overdone result by working on the structure of the face, not just removing extra skin, giving you a lasting result. A full facelift is a procedure where the soft tissues of the face, neck and jawline are lifted and the excess skin is removed to create a more vibrant, youthful look. Full facelift surgery also includes a neck lift for the full effect of raising and tightening all sagging skin near the face.

Full facelift surgery is customized for each patient, depending on his or her needs. At your initial consultation, Dr. Orloff will discuss with you your desired goals, and together agree on a treatment plan to best meet those goals. There are various techniques utilized to carry out this type of procedure, and Dr. Orloff will make a recommendation depending on the desired outcome.


Mini Facelift

A mini facelift combats sagginess in the lower part of the face and upper neck area – it’s a smaller surgery to “get rid of that little bit that bothers you.” If you have a little sagging and are not ready for a full facelift, then the mini facelift is a perfect option. With a mini facelift, there is a much shorter incision, less surgery and a faster recovery. There are many options that need to be discussed to see which option or options are best for you.


Midface Lift

The midface lift is a surgical procedure that lifts the cheek tissues. It is a minimally invasive procedure that lifts the cheek with no visible incisions/scars. The recovery is quick with most people returning to work within a week. The fast recovery and natural appearing results make this a popular procedure at Burbank Plastic Surgery. Many choose to have a cheek lift by itself and some combine the cheek lift with other procedures. The midface lift is performed through a small incision inside your mouth and a small incision in the hair next to your temple. The sagging cheek tissues are lifted back to a more youthful position. Additional benefits include improvement in the tear trough area, dark circles under the eyes and softening of any undesirable cheek folds. Many patients who previously have received filler injections are thrilled with the natural long lasting results they achieve with a midface lift.


Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a useful surgical option that is used by itself or at the same time during a lifting procedure. Excess fat is carefully removed from one area of the body and transferred to the face. The transfer involves a specialized transfer process that is very precise. As we age we lose volume in our faces. Adding volume to the face primarily in the cheek area will lift the tissues giving you an added lift while at the same time improving the fullness of the cheeks/midface. Fat transfer is not for everyone. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we have extensive experience with fat transfer. We can help determine whether a fat transfer will be worth it or not.


Fillers, neuroblockers and fat dissolvers are extremely powerful nonsurgical options. These are various medications that we can inject precisely to smooth out wrinkles and lift tissues such as the brows, cheeks, lips, jowls, and upper neck. Injections do not replace surgery but they are important for maintenance and maximizing your appearance without surgery. The injection procedure is performed during an office visit. Patients will usually drive themselves to and from an injection appointment. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we have experience with all injectables. We do not list all the various injectables because they are constantly changing as we constantly try to use the very best. After a review of your goals and an examination we will guide you regarding which filler or injectable will be best for you.

Before and After

Facelift with chin implant

Facelift, Upper Bleph, CO2 Laser

Procedure Videos

Facelift – Full

Facelift – Mid

Facelift – Mini