Facelift Surgery – Burbank, CA & Surrounding Cities

If you want work performed on your face, you probably want a subtle transition. The best facelifts surgeries are the ones that aren’t obvious.  If a person looks at you and thinks “Did they, or didn’t they?”, you can rest assure that excellent work has been done.

Burbank Plastic Surgery’s team of exceptional doctors strives to deliver natural results.  After all, modern cosmetic surgery is a blend of art, medicine, and technology.  The days of extreme and artificial post-procedure visages are a thing of the past thanks to Burbank’s modernized techniques.

Types of Facial Surgery Procedures

Facial surgery work is exactly what is sounds like,  a cosmetic procedure that involves some level of surgery.  Burbank’s renowned Dr. Orloff is known for his skill when it comes to facelifts, whether there are full, mini, or midface procedures. A full facelift consists of the soft tissues of the face, neck, and jaw literally being lifted then excess skin removed to restore a more youthful look.  For optimum results, a full facelift also includes a neck lift.

Mini Facelift Procedure

Mini facelifts address sagging in the lower area of the face and upper neck.  This procedure is a great option for those who need to get rid of just a spot or two.  It is a less intensive surgery, requires a smaller incision, and has a faster recovery time.

Midface Lift Procedure

The midface lift is an especially popular option at Burbank Plastic Surgery.  This minimally invasive procedure lifts cheek tissue, resulting in a more youthful position of the cheeks while softening folds.  The midface lift is a longer-lasting solution for patients who have previously relied on filler injections.

Fat Transfer Procedure

Another practical option to sculpt, contour, and restore your facial features is a fat transfer procedure.  This procedure is exactly what it sounds like:  taking fat from one area of your body and carefully placing it in areas of your face for natural rejuvenation.  As we age, our faces lose volume while other areas might increase in volume.  Why not use that excess where it is needed?

If it’s time to recraft your visage, schedule your consultation with Burbank Plastic Surgery today! We can’t wait to create the vision you have of yourself!


Mini Facelift Procedure

A mini facelift combats sagginess in the lower part of the face and upper neck area – it’s a smaller surgery to “get rid of that little bit that bothers you.” If you have a little sagging and are not ready for a full facelift, then the mini facelift is a perfect option. With a mini facelift, there is a much shorter incision, less surgery and a faster recovery. There are many options that need to be discussed to see which option or options are best for you. Call today to schedule a consultation to speak about your options for facelift surgeries in Burbank, CA.


Midface Lift

The midface lift is a surgical procedure that lifts the cheek tissues. It is a minimally invasive procedure that lifts the cheek with no visible incisions/scars. The recovery is quick with most people returning to work within a week. The fast recovery and natural appearing results make this a popular procedure at Burbank Plastic Surgery. Many choose to have a cheek lift by itself and some combine the cheek lift with other procedures. The midface lift is performed through a small incision inside your mouth and a small incision in the hair next to your temple. The sagging cheek tissues are lifted back to a more youthful position. Additional benefits include improvement in the tear trough area, dark circles under the eyes and softening of any undesirable cheek folds. Many patients who previously have received filler injections are thrilled with the natural long-lasting results they achieve with a midface lift.


Nano Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a practical surgical option that is used by itself or in combination with other  procedures. Excess fat is carefully removed from one area of the body, refined and artfully placed in other areas of the face to anatomically contour and restore your natural facial features. As we age, we lose collagen production and volume in our faces. Reintroducing this lost volume to the face, primarily in the cheek area, will restore a natural lift and at the same time improve the fullness of the cheeks and midface. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we have extensive experience with fat transfer and can help determine whether a fat transfer will be worth it or not.


Fillers, neuroblockers and fat dissolvers are extremely powerful nonsurgical options. These are various injectables we can precisely place to smooth out wrinkles and lift tissue such as the brows, cheeks, lips, jowls, and upper neck. Injections do not replace surgery, but they are important for maintenance of your appearance, especially for those seeking smaller, non-surgical enhancements. After a review of your goals and an examination we will guide you regarding which filler or injectable will be best for you.

Before and After

Facelift with chin implant

Facelift, Upper Bleph, CO2 Laser