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Brow Lift

Brow Lift

1-2 weeks

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3 hours

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Brow Lift Los Angeles

Eyebrows are one of our most prominent and distinctive facial features. They frame our face, accentuate our eyes, and are key in how we communicate. A youthful and lifted brow makes an enormous difference to our appearance.

Gravity and time work hand in hand to alter our looks. The eventual sagging of our eyebrows and frown lines deepening between our eyebrows make us look constantly tired, worried, or grouchy. Forehead lines become etched in, and more wrinkles appear. A brow lift can dramatically turn back years of aging by smoothing the forehead, and give us a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance.

Why people have this procedure:


Achieve a naturally fresh, smooth, youthful appearance.


Improve the appearance of forehead lines and glabellar (between the eyebrows) lines.


Can decrease the hooded appearance of eyebrows over the eyelids, to appear more alert and awake.

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The Process

This procedure requires a surgeon with extensive experience, a sharp eye for aesthetic detail, and a thorough knowledge of craniofacial anatomy. Your surgeon will formulate a specific plan based on your desired goals, unique facial features and degree of correction to be achieved, to ensure natural, long-lasting results.

  • Brow and forehead lifts are performed with either an open or endoscopic approach.

  • With the open approach, an incision is made in the hairline from ear to ear, to lift and tighten the target area. For people with high foreheads, the incision might be made just along the hairline, which allows for shortening of the forehead and lowering the hairline.

  • The endoscopic approach is minimally invasive, as the surgery is performed with a tiny fiber optic camera and thin instruments through much smaller incisions. It results in no visible scars.

  • No hair is shaved for this procedure.


Recovery time for this procedure is usually 2-3 weeks, but can vary between individuals.

  • You will be able to return to your normal daily routine 1-2 weeks after surgery

  • Any swelling and bruising will typically resolve in 1-2 weeks.

  • If you have a sedentary job, you may be able to return after 1 week. Your surgeon will advise you if more time is needed.

  • Exercise should be gradually resumed, your surgeon will give you specific guidelines.

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Brow lift alternatives:

Coronal Lift

Coronal Lift

An incision is made within the hairline between the ears to lift and tighten the target area.

Endoscopic Lift

Endoscopic Lift

The endoscopic approach involves the surgery being performed with a tiny fiber optic camera inserted through small incisions behind the hairline.

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