Everyone ages, but that doesn’t mean that our faces need to look different than how we feel

Some people might have great genes while others have strict skincare routines and have used sunscreen since they were children.  Some people fall into both categories, while others might not fall into either.  That’s quite all right since the experienced doctors at Burbank Plastic Surgery can turn back time and keep it your little secret.

Facial Plastic Surgery Center

Many types of patients seek facial work including youthful patients with no major concerns and patients with advanced signs of aging. Serving Burbank, CA and the surrounding areas, our practice helps people to achieve relaxed, younger appearances with a variety of procedures.  Regardless if your target area is the eyes, nose, brows, cheeks, chin, ears, or the entire face, Burbank Plastic Surgery has an array of options to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Cosmetic surgery is as much an art as it is a science.  Changes can be very subtle or utterly dramatic based on a patient’s needs.  No two concerns are exactly alike, thus no two solutions are the same.  We can erase that faint line between the brows or reconstruct your facial features to your natural structure. Every patient is unique, and we believe deserves unique treatment plans.

Gone are the days of obvious cosmetic surgery.  Burbank focuses on realistic results that help a person look like an improved version of their self rather than someone else entirely.  We pride ourselves on a reputation for this natural work and helping our patients achieve the results they have envisioned.  While cosmetic surgery is transformative, it should be a natural and subtle transformation.  By utilizing a harmony of art, science, technology, and medical expertise, Burbank’s skilled doctors create facial masterpieces that combine soft with striking.

If you are thinking about having any facial plastic surgery completed, schedule your consultation today!  We look forward to providing you with a solution tailored for your specific needs and guaranteed to give you your desired outcome!

“I became a surgeon to help patients achieve visible, enjoyable results and improve their lives. I love being part of their transformation process.”

– Dr. George Orloff

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