Some people want a certain “look” for their butts. People who are trying to achieve a certain shape and firmness to their butts and have failed to achieve their goal with a combination of exercise or dieting come to us for advice.

There are both surgical and nonsurgical options.

Most commonly people seek a rounder and fuller butt with greater definition. A “brazilian butt lift” (BBL) type procedure has worked well for many patients. A BBL is designed to give a person a fuller, lifted and more shapely butt. The body’s contour around the butt is dramatically improved by the liposuction necessary to get the fat that is transferred into the buttock area. Liposuction is performed around the waist and in the thighs below the buttock to create a better defined butt. The fat removed is transferred to the butt giving it a firmer more rounded appearance. The combination of liposuction sculpturing the area around the butt and the fat being transferred to the butt is the key to getting the best results.

Some people have sagging butts. A “butt lift” is used in these cases when you have sagging skin in the butt and or hip areas. It is the butt version of a “tummy tuck”. Instead of pulling the skin down as we do in a tummy tuck, the butt is pulled up and as much sagging skin as possible is removed.

In younger patients seeking greater fullness there are nonsurgical options using injectables to stimulate your own collagen formation to shape and increase the firmness of the butt. In some cases special surgical suture threads can be used to achieve small lifts without visible scars.

We have many innovative techniques at our disposable. Based upon our experience and training we are able to determine what works best for any given patient.

The Procedures

Butt lift and/or butt liposuction is a frequently performed procedure that significantly reduces excess skin and fat of the buttocks. The procedure involves an incision along the lower back area. Excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is tightened above the upper part of the buttocks.

Liposuction around the buttocks and fat transfer into the butt area: Brazilian butt lift -Liposuction is used to remove excess fat in the waist, belly and in the proximal thigh area. Liposuction alone contours the body and defines the butt. The waist and thighs are thinner improving the shape of the butt. People wanting a firmer better defined butt, request the fat removed to be injected into the butt area.

Injectables are an alternative option available for people who do not have excess fat that can be removed from any area. The appropriate use of fillers or injectables that stimulate collagen formation can be used to achieve small changes. The effects are limited but it provides an option for people who desire better buttock shape but do not have any excess fat. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we are experienced in all methods. After a careful examination we can discuss which options are the best for you.