Reasons for women to seek breast enhancement

  • Make the breasts fuller or larger
  • Make the breasts smaller if they are too large
  • Lifting sagging breasts
  • If the breasts are very different to make them look the same

Each individual will have the ideal appearance they desire, which may be one of the procedures or a combination of the above procedures.

The goal is to have beautifully shaped breasts that are either larger or smaller.

At every turn, we will listen to what you want and desire. We will use your goals to recommend what will work best and be “worth it”. We have a tremendous experience performing thousands of breast surgeries.

Making breasts fuller or larger

Breast augmentation for the majority of patients is performed using implants. In a few cases we can transfer fat from another part of your body to the breasts. Fat can be transferred with implants, or alone without an implant for small volume changes or at a later date to make small changes to optimize the appearance of the breasts.

Implants are either filled with silicone or water/saline. They come in round or tear drop shapes with a smooth or textured surface. What is best for you? We use your exam findings to recommend what we think will work the best. Ultimately we will give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

During the consultation we will listen to what you want. What your goals are is critical to developing a plan of action. We will review your medical history and examine your breasts. The breast examination will focus on your current appearance in terms of size, shape, differences from side to side and the proportion of your breasts to your body. All of this information will be used to come up with the ultimate recommendation for your breast enhancement surgery. We will recommend the size of implants that will best achieve the “look” you are going for.


We are with you throughout the process.  Once you make the decision to proceed with surgery.  We schedule a preoperative visit to discuss everything again.  During this visit we thoroughly review the goals of the surgery.  We review the technical aspects.  We go over your medical history and how it relates to the surgery. We go over the potential risks and discuss measures to prevent them and what to do if they occur.  We educate you in how best to prepare for surgery and what to expect after surgery.  Photographs are taken to be used by us to plan the surgical details. The photographs are vital for planning and making sure every detail is considered.  In the end we come up with a plan of action which is unique for each individual.

Our goal is to get the best results, safely with the fastest recovery possible.

Making the breasts smaller if they are too large

Breasts can be too large. Large breasts will cause pain and affect function. Most patients requesting breast reduction surgery are young girls or women who have developed breasts that are too large, causing pain or discomfort. In some older patients breasts may start to increase in size. Large breasts can be painful from the traction on the chest caused by the weight. Wearing a bra to relieve the traction results in bra straps that dig into the shoulder causing pain and creating a bra strap groove.  Large breasts can cause neck pain from the weight and poor posture. In overweight patients, weight loss is emphasized before recommending surgery. The solution for breasts that are too large is breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of the breasts. Each person requires a customized approach. We want to make the breasts smaller but at the same time lift them and get a great shape. Different techniques are chosen based upon the amount of extra skin and drooping you have.

Breast reduction surgery can be simplified into 2 techniques. One that uses a vertical approach and the other an inverted T approach.

Vertical breast reduction- The vertical approach is used for people with a lesser amount of excess skin.  The breast is reduced centrally leaving a final scar that is around the areola and extending down to the breast fold under the breast.

Inverted T breast reduction- The inverted T technique is required for women with a lot of excess skin.  The breast is reduced all around and the final scar goes around the areola, down to the breast fold and curves along the breast fold. In many cases a “hybrid” approach will be used to give the best results for each unique individual.

The goal is smaller breasts with a great shape. The recovery is straightforward.  Most women are back to driving a car after a few days. Most go back to a “desk type” job in 1-2 weeks. The final cosmetic result occurs at about 2 months.

Women who have large breasts that cause discomfort are thrilled with the results of surgery. The most common comment is “why did I wait so long to do the surgery?”. They are thrilled with the relief they experience after surgery. Women love the lift, shape and smaller size of their breasts after reduction surgery. Lastly it makes clothes shopping so much easier.


Lifting sagging breasts

Burbank Plastic Surgery excels at customizing breast surgery to get you the results you want. Sagging breasts is another common issue that women want fixed. Breast ptosis is the medical term used to describe sagging breasts. Girls and women of all ages can be affected by sagging breasts. Some have a little and others have a lot. Sagging breasts are usually associated with women after pregnancy. In reality breast sagging can occur when you first develop breasts, after weight loss and simply as we age.

The solution for breasts that are sagging is a breast lift (mastopexy) surgery. The type of breast lift surgery depends on the amount of excess skin and sagging. The goal is to lift the breasts and get the best shape possible.

Circumareolar lift- If you have a very little bit of sagging, a circumareolar type lift may be adequate. The lift results in a scar around the areola only. A circumareolar lift is only performed in conjunction with a breast implant. If a breast implant is not used a circumareolar lift will flatten your breast.

Vertical Lift- If you have greater sagging and more drooping skin a vertical lift is the next option. The scar is around the areola and extends down to the breast fold under the breast. A vertical lift can be performed with or without an implant.

Inverted T lift- If you have significant sagging of the breasts, the best procedure is an inverted T incision that maximizes the lift and shape of the breasts. The scar goes around the areola, down to the breast fold and along the breast fold. An inverted T breast lift can be performed with or without an implant.

In some cases one side may need to be treated differently because many women have differences between each breast.


Many women are unaware that there is a solution for nipples that are too big. Women can develop large nipples that are difficult to camouflage. Usually large prominent nipples occur after pregnancy mainly because of breast feeding. Nipples can be made smaller and prettier, making it easier for you to wear the clothing you want.

The only solution is a specialized surgical procedure that makes the nipple smaller with minimal scarring. The procedure is usually performed in 1 hour if both sides are treated. The recovery is very quick.

Girls and women of all ages can develop inverted nipples. The nipple inverts leaving an indentation where the nipple should be. Nipple inversion can occur on both sides or on one side which makes it even more obvious. Inverted nipples can only be corrected with a small specialized surgical procedure. The procedure takes about 1 hour to perform on both sides. The recovery is very quick. Sensation may diminish or become hypersensitive after surgery but usually returns to normal a few weeks after surgery.

In older women a normal nipple may invert. In these rarer cases you should be evaluated for the causes of the sudden nipple inversion. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we are experienced with all forms of corrective breast surgery.

Burbank Plastic Surgery has developed a reputation treating complex breast issues after previous surgery. Common issues that we address are recurrent capsular contractions (hardening of the breasts), ruptured or leaking implants, unsightly scarring, significant differences between the breasts after surgery, bottoming out of breast implants and sagging of the breasts over the implants.

This type of surgery is highly individualized, requiring a customized approach tailored to each woman’s needs. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we specialize in providing you with the best solutions that are worthwhile. Our goal is to get you back to feeling good about yourself as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In rare cases women may develop illnesses that are attributed to their breast implants. In these rare cases Burbank Plastic Surgery surgeons are trained to perform a thorough evaluation. Treatment is based on your history, examination, lab studies and imaging. Burbank Plastic Surgery surgeons are adept at treating these potential complex issues. We are able to perform an “en bloc” procedure where the capsule around the implant is removed with the implant inside.

Vectra 3D imaging is a powerful tool that affords you the ability to preview what your personalized procedure outcome will look like. 3D imaging allows you to preview all your options and create a procedure plan to best meet your desired goals.

The VECTRA 3D simulation is created using multiple pictures of your current facial or body features. This photo session will be conducted in the privacy and comfort of our office. The images taken for the VECTRA 3D will create the starting point for your aesthetic consultation.

Simulation Sculptor Software Using Simulation Sculptor Software on your 3D image, We will show you the expected results of your cosmetic procedure. You may hone aspects of your procedure to fit your individual aesthetic goals and expectations you have going into surgery.

Once your expectations are fine-tuned, and the digital simulation closely matches the cosmetic appearance you’re anticipating, this simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan. Having already witnessed the digital results, you can feel confident with the expected outcome of the procedure.

Below are some examples of 3D Imaging simulations:

Vectra Imaging | Enhancement Surgery | Burbank Plastic Surgery

Before and After

Bilateral Breast Aug Silicone Nipple Reduction*

Bilateral breast aug silicone with anchor mastopexy*

Bilateral Breast Aug Silicone with Vertical Mastopex (Breast Lift)*

Bilateral breast lift extended with breast aug saline*

Right Capsulectomy*

Breast Reduction Left Side, Breast Lift Right Side, Bilateral Nipple Correction.*

*Disclaimer : Results may vary