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Teardrop Breast Implants - 2023 Plastic Surgery Guide


    With so many options for breast augmentation, people are naturally looking for the best fit for them. Breast implants typically come in two basic shapes, either traditional round or teardrop. Here, we will focus on teardrop breast implants, what they are, and what you need to know to make the right decisions to achieve the figure you want.

    What Are Teardrop Breast Implants?

    Teardrop implants, sometimes known as anatomical implants, are different to round implants. A round breast implant is the classic shape most women envision when it comes to breast augmentation. Teardrop implants are named teardrops due to their natural shape, giving the breasts a more natural-looking result, as breasts slope gently from the nipple to the breastbone. The shape is designed to mimic the appearance of natural breasts.

    What Are the Benefits of Teardrop Breast Implants vs Round Implants?

    Teardrop breast implants provide some great benefits:

    • They look more natural as they resemble the female breast shape and provide a more natural appearance in general, making them more suitable for wide-set breasts and smaller body types, or women with minimal breast tissue. 

    • They can lower the risks of complications, such as ruptures or capsular contraction as teardrop breast implants are made with high cohesion gel, so if there was a rupture, the material would not “leak” out.

    • They can help reduce mild cases of breast ptosis, also known as sagging breast tissue, which can prevent breasts from needing to be “lifted” in the future.

    • Can help to correct tuberous breasts, which is when the breasts are constricted at the base, giving the breast a cone-like shape.

    What Are the Common Sizes of Teardrop Breast Implants?

    In breast augmentation, doctors work in what is known as cubic centiliters (cc), with the most common breast implant size ranging between 300cc and 500cc, but other common sizes will depend on the individual’s current body size and weight, their current breast shape and measurement, and personal preference. 

    • Smaller size implants start around 125cc, but can go down to 80cc.

    • Medium-size implants range between 300cc and 500cc.

    • The largest breast implant size can go up to 800cc.

    How Much Does a Teardrop Breast Implant Cost?

    When it comes to the overall cost, an exact figure can vary depending on an individual's needs. American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of breast implants are $4,516, but the final figure can be between $5,000 and $10,000 based on a variety of factors, including the following: 

    • The plastic surgeon’s board certification and experience. 

    • The type of breast implants, and whether it's a silicone gel-filled or saline-filled implant.

    • The location of the practice (you’ll probably pay more in places like Beverly Hills).

    • Post-op breast implant maintenance fees. 

    • Other surgery-related fees like anesthesia and operating room fees.

    At Burbank Plastic Surgery, we provide a comprehensive consultation so you can decide the right financial options based on your insurance coverage and if breast implants are part of the coverage.

    Gummy Bear Vs Teardrop Implants: What’s the Difference?

    Many people are looking into one of the latest breast augmentation techniques known as the “gummy bear” implant. 

    There are some notable differences between the two, but the main fact to point out is that gummy bear implants are manufactured in a teardrop shape. A gummy bear implant is the texture of the cohesive silicone inside the implant, whereas the term “teardrop” refers to the shape of the shell, so it would be unfair to compare the two equally because they have completely different properties. 

    The gummy bear received its unique name because the plastic surgeon who cut a silicone gel in half noticed that it retained its shape when it was cut, and remarked that it looked similar to a gummy bear candy. 

    Do Teardrop Breast Implants Look More Natural?

    Teardrop shaped implants will look more natural because of the anatomical silhouette and lack of projection in the upper chest. Teardrop shaped breast implants are considered to look more natural for these reasons, but when an individual is lying down, a teardrop implant stays the same shape. 

    In comparison to round implants that are evenly distributed across the chest, a teardrop breast implant looks more natural because it mimics the natural shape of most breasts. 

    If you are looking for a natural breast implant, teardrop breast implants are considered to look more natural than the round shape for aesthetic reasons, but as we are all individuals and have different body proportions, it's important to discuss this in detail during your initial consultation.

    How to Choose the Right Type of Breast Implant and Implant Shape

    There are several factors to consider when choosing the right shape, size, and profile of breast implant, but when it comes to type, here are a few things to consider: 

    1. Decide Between Saline and Silicone Implants

    Silicone implants are more popular but saline may be able to fit your body more uniquely. Saline implants have a firmer feel, while silicone implants are softer and appear more natural. If you're deciding between teardrop and round implants for your breast implant surgery, it's important to note that teardrop implants are filled only with cohesive silicone gel, and therefore not available in a saline variant.

    1. Consider Your Lifestyle

    The implants will need to fit your current lifestyle. This is why it's important to think about things like the type of clothing you wish to wear, if you want to go braless, or if you want to fill out your dresses with larger cleavage. Your lifestyle is not just about the aesthetic aspects, but also about the long-term considerations, and you need to think about how it will impact your life now and in the future.

    1. Work With the Doctor

    Many people go in with a very specific idea of what they want, but it's also important to understand that a plastic surgeon is there to help you make the best decision after taking into account a variety of factors. They want what is in your best interest and can help recommend the right solution based on their experience. They will take into account factors like your body size and personal preference, but also will want to know why you want a specific type of breast implant.

    1. Understand Your Budget

    Understanding the overall costs is going to have a major bearing on what you can realistically afford, but as the average cost of breast augmentation surgery is between $3,600 and $9,000, you will have to factor this in, and if your insurance provider allows breast augmentation on its policy. If you're downsizing from a larger implant you may also consider a breast lift surgery for enhanced outcomes.

    Additionally, you should think about your comfort zone, your body proportions, and also consider the future. People change, and as we all get older, we can gain or lose weight, or we change our minds, which is why we have to be sure that we have taken into account every single consideration.

    Book Your Breast Augmentation Consultation with LA's Top Plastic Surgeon

    Ensuring you understand the reasons why you want to have a breast implant is pivotal. A teardrop breast implant is one type of implant that can help accentuate a more natural-looking breast, but when it comes to choosing the right type of implant for your needs, it's essential to work with the experts. 

    If you want to find out more about cosmetic surgical procedures, book a consultation at Burbank Plastic Surgery where we can work together to create a bespoke treatment plan with the right breast implant shape, size, profile, and type for your needs.