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Is Body Sculpting Safe? Your Questions Answered


    When summer's fast approaching and your diet and exercise still haven't completely paid off, there are a number of body slimming options you can go for that don't require extensive incisions or invasive techniques. Body contouring, for one, is a viable option for those looking to lose those stubborn pockets of fat and redistribute them to achieve the silhouette you want — a gorgeous hourglass figure for the ladies and a chiseled physique for men — in a short amount of time. 

    But even if it's minimally invasive, many patients still wonder: is body sculpting safe? We'll answer that and help you learn more about body sculpting benefits in this post.

    Is Body Sculpting Safe? Understanding the Process, Pros & Cons

    It's vital to learn what the body contouring procedure entails to address concerns about its safety.

    The Process

    Burbank Plastic Surgery's body sculpting treatment involves using a thin cannula, tumescent fluid, and a few small incisions, making it one of the most minimally invasive fat loss procedures. The cannula is inserted into the incisions to suck and remove the fatty deposits from the targeted areas.

     Once your surgeon has reached the desired outcome following the liposuction process, the incisions are sutured closed. The harvested fat is processed to eliminate impurities and injected back into the designated areas. BodyTite — a type of radiofrequency lipolysis — may be used to complete the process. It works by liquifying and removing fat while tightening the skin.

    Body Sculpting Pros and Cons

    There are many reasons why people opt for surgical body contouring to slim down and sculpt their bodies. The benefits include: 

    ●     More defined, well-shaped body parts

    ●     A younger, slimmer appearance

    ●     Smoother skin

    ●     Immediate, natural-looking results 

    As for the negatives of this aesthetic treatment, certain surgical risks are to be expected, such as:

     ●     Asymmetry

    ●     Nausea

    ●     Vomiting

    ●     Infection

    ●     Nerve injury

    ●     Scarring


    These risks are relatively uncommon and can be avoided by working with a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Naturally, non-surgical body contouring options have more limited risks, but results may take a while before they become noticeable.

    Is Body Contouring Safer than Other Procedures?

    Because the procedure uses your own fat and tissue, it's generally safer compared to implants and other injectables. Body sculpting comes with the usual risks of surgery, which include bruising, swelling, and nausea. 

    You can ensure your safety and well-being even more by consulting and working with a board-certified plastic surgeon for your body contouring surgery.

    Is Body Sculpting Safe While Breastfeeding?

    In general, it's best for breastfeeding women not to pursue any cosmetic procedures, no matter how minimally invasive. While removal and redistribution of fat don't necessarily impact breastfeeding, it's recommended to wait until your post-pregnancy weight stabilizes or at least after six months from breastfeeding.

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