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Male Body Contouring

Male Body Contouring

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Anyone who has worked incredibly hard to lose weight, get fit, and lead a healthier lifestyle knows the frustration of those remaining stubborn pockets of fat that are impossible to lose. Body contouring will remove fat from those tough-to-lose areas, and re-distribute it to give a more toned, chiseled and athletic looking physique. A significant improvement in skin contour and tightening completes the process.

Why men have this procedure:


Removing localized fatty deposits that are not responding to diet and exercise.


Tightening and firming lax skin. (Particularly around the areas treated with Liposuction.)


Achieve a slimmer, toned, more athletic physique.

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The Process

This is an artistic, bespoke procedure. It requires an incredible eye and attention to detail to achieve excellent results. Your surgeon will listen to your goals, and after a discussion and an examination they will recommend a plan that is most appropriate for your needs, to produce the most toned and muscular appearance.

  • This minimally invasive procedure requires only a cannula, tumescent fluid, and a few small incisions to perform.

  • A saline solution and anesthetic are injected into the area(s) being treated, which aid in the removal of fat, and help relieve discomfort.

  • Small incisions are made in the skin, and a long thin cannula is inserted to gently remove the fatty deposits with suction.

  • When the surgeon has reached the desired outcome, the incisions are closed with sutures, and the harvested fat is processed to remove impurities.

  • Finally, the purified fat is injected back into the designated areas, to sculpt and define your body.

  • BodyTite (radio frequency assisted lipolysis) may be used to compliment the procedure; it works to liquefy and remove fat while simultaneously tightening the skin.


Following surgery, you will be placed in a surgical compression garment or your surgical areas will be wrapped to help reduce swelling. Pain medicine will be prescribed to help with the discomfort following surgery. It is also normal to experience some swelling and bruising following the procedure.

  • Recovery times will vary according to the individualized plan that your surgeon has created especially for you.

  • Typically, you can return to your desk job or light activities in 7-10 days.

  • Your post operative care will also include IV therapy to maintain hydration, lymphatic massage to aid in removing toxins from the body, and cutaneous radio frequency energy to break down any fibrous tissue/banding.

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