What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation is defined by what a person wants. The process is similar to buying a house and is just as subjective. One person may see a house and know it will be perfect for them if it just gets a new coat of paint – another individual may see the same house and want to take on a wall-to-wall remodel.

In the same way, Burbank Plastic Surgery provides facial rejuvenation procedures that are tailored to each individuals’ aesthetic desires and situation.

The Process

Generally speaking, our patients’ first concern has to do with their skin – either texture, wrinkles, or discoloration. These issues can be addressed with a customized skin care program that could include peels, lasers procedures, and other processes that we handle here in our office. Each procedure is uniquely designed to assist an individual to look and feel better in their own skin.

In addition, plastic surgery can address facial rejuvenation in two primary ways: restoring volume and lifting soft tissue. In regard to volume restoration, the most common parts of the face that lose volume are at the top of the cheeks and the corners of the mouth. Cosmetic surgery can restore this volume by using synthetic implants or utilizing fat transfer techniques (our preferred course of action). In terms of lifting soft tissue, our procedures can address numerous concerns that folks tend to have with their own face – namely puffiness, tiredness, and sagging. Eyelifts, browlifts, and a variety of facelifts can often make a pleasant and palpable difference in their day-to-day appearance.

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Who is Right for Facial Rejuvenation?

Anyone who looks in the mirror and thinks to themselves “there’s something just not quite right” can be helped by facial rejuvenation. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we strive to provide the best possible results with the quickest recovery in a safe and caring environment. Based upon our training, extensive experience, and our research and development, we can confidently say we provide the very finest services that plastic surgery has to offer.

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