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5 Facts You Should Know About Getting Facelift Surgery in Southern California


    Everyone wants to look younger for as long as they can. That’s why, over the years, the demand for various cosmetic procedures has kept increasing, with facelift being one of the most popular ones.

    According to the 2019 Plastic Surgery Report released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), facelift (rhytidectomy) was one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures. The same report also states that in 2019, there were 123,685 facelift surgeries in the US.  

    Facelift surgery can help you bring back a more youthful look and even restore your confidence. However, as is the case with most facial surgery procedures, you need to have a realistic approach when considering a facelift.

    Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before considering facelift surgery in southern California or anywhere else.

    1. Choose the Right Type of Facelift

    Before undergoing a plastic surgery facelift, you should know that there are different types of procedures. You’ll need to work with your board-certified plastic surgeon to choose the one that best suits your unique needs.

    The following are the most common procedures you can consider:

    A. SMAS Facelift

    SMAS stands for Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System, a layer of tissue located deep within the facial skin. It lends support to the face. With SMAS facelift, you can repair aging effects on your facial skin such as sagging midface, loose skin under the jawline or chin, hollow cheeks, and sagging fat, among others.   

    B. MACS Facelift

    MACS stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension technique, a cosmetic procedure that targets the underlying muscular structures of your face. Usually, this procedure is suitable for people with less-to-medium facial sagging. It tightens your facial skin and requires relatively less recovery time.   

    C. Full Facelift

    A full facelift targets all areas of your face for rejuvenation. It helps improve aging signs on your face as well as neck, removing effects like jowling, sagging face and neck skins, and skin folds. Usually, older men and women with serious aging signs tend to seek a full facelift surgery.

    1. Always Consult an Experienced Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

    To find out which procedure is the most suitable for your concerns, you need to consult with the best facial plastic surgeon in Southern California. Only an experienced surgeon can help you understand the benefits, requirements, recovery time, and risks associated with different processes.

    Make sure to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. In many cases, you are likely to come across a “cosmetic” surgeon who has not undergone the rigorous training specific for plastic surgery. If fact, many general surgeons and doctors with other qualifications often turn to plastic surgery practice for financial benefits.

    A board-certified plastic surgeon, on the other hand, is properly trained in plastic surgery. You’ll also need to make sure that the surgeon is experienced in performing the specific procedure you want to undergo as plastic surgeons often specialize in particular areas/specialties.        

    1. Clear All Your Doubts First

    A doctor will offer you a consultation before the actual procedure. Make sure to take full advantage of this consultation to clarify all your doubts. You should ask as many questions as you want without hesitation.  

    In fact, an experienced surgeon like Dr. Orloff often makes it a point to help patients understand every aspect of the procedure. You can ask about the recovery time, potential side effects, medication, anesthesia, costs, and lifestyle changes.

    You should also talk about how the procedure may affect your current health conditions (if any). The more you know about the procedure and the care you need to take before and after the facelift surgery, the more comfortable you will feel about it.

    1. Schedule Your Work for Recovery Time

    It is extremely important to take complete rest during the recovery period to ensure better results. After facelift surgery, you will also be given medication to reduce swelling and pain.

    Usually, you will need anywhere between one to two weeks to recover completely after facelift surgery. However, the recovery time may vary depending on the extent of the procedure and your body’s own speed of healing.

    Furthermore, the healing of your soft tissue will continue for several weeks or even months. So, you need to take proper care after the surgery. Make sure to take the time off from your work as prescribed by the doctor.

    1. Results May Last Longer Than You Think

    Whether it is a facelift surgery or a fat transfer procedure, most patients are interested in knowing how long the results will last. In most cases, the results are long-lasting.

    However, you should always have realistic expectations. Cosmetic surgeries are designed to delay the process of aging, not arrest it completely. So, you can’t look young forever. Aging will catch up with you sooner or later.

    With that said, your age is an important factor that will determine how long the results will last. Usually, younger patients tend to show longer-lasting results. You may also need to make healthy lifestyle changes to maintain the results for a longer period of time.      


    Undergoing facelift surgery can help you get a more youthful look. However, it’s important to learn as much about the procedure as possible to get a better understanding of all the risks and rewards. Hopefully, these five tips will help you make an informed decision. Still have doubts? Don’t forget to check out our FAQ section for more information or contact us to learn how we can help.