Neck Lift Procedures

Serving the Burbank and Glendale areas, Burbank Plastic Surgery wants to save your neck from the effects of aging. Many people take great care of their faces, but neglect giving the same care to their necks. This can lead to creasing, sagging, lines, and discoloration which the doctors at Burbank are experienced in reversing.

Neck Contouring Procedures

Burbank Plastic Surgery is home to the top plastic surgeons in the Valley. We don’t just work magic on people’s faces, we can also restore their necks.  Often neglected, this is the part of the face that can truly reveal a person’s age.  Burbank’s neck contouring procedures restore the neck’s features and definition by creating a smoother, more sculpted appearance.  This can also shape the chin, creating a more striking silhouette and lending new definition to the face.

By reshaping a sagging neck or smoothing a wrinkled one, a person not only loses years but can even appear slimmer.  When the neck is contoured, the face and jawline become more sculpted, enhancing all of one’s facial features and creating a stunning profile.

Neck Liposuction or Neck Lift – Which Procedure is Best for Your Needs?

Neck contouring can be performed with liposuction or a lift.  If you feel your neck is a little too plump, neck liposuction can remove excess fat to create a slimmer, defined, and more graceful appearance.  Younger patients with greater skin elasticity are prime candidates for this procedure as the skin will need to contract smoothly and evenly after the work is performed.  This is also a better choice for those with fullness rather than sagging skin.

A neck lift is the better choice for those with more sagging than fullness.  The amount of sagging determines how much work will need to be performed.  The area is also applicable whether the target area is just below the chin or extends the entire length of the neck.  To find out which procedure is the best choice for you, schedule a consultation today! Burbank Plastic Surgery’s experienced doctors will discuss your concerns and make suggestions to meet your specific needs.



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