Forehead Lift or Brow Lift – Burbank, CA

Are your brows sagging? Brows start to sag as we age, for some more than others. Sagging brows will give you a tired angry appearance which all of us call aging or getting old. If you have sagging skin over the sides of your eyes or deep grooves between your brows you most likely have sagging brows!  A forehead lift or brow lift can smooth out the wrinkles and correct drooping brows and heavy lids to provide a younger, friendlier appearance.

A key goal of the brow lift is to really open up the eyes, making you appear more youthful and less tired. The brow lift is often done in conjunction with the upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty). Patients often feel like their eyelids are sagging, but in reality, the brow has started to droop down as well. This is especially noticeable when you have sagging skin above and to the side of the eye area.

During your initial consultation we will discuss whether you are a candidate for a brow lift and the various methods we can perform. Two approaches that are most commonly used are the open approach and the endoscopic approach.

In the “open” approach an incision is made in the hair between the ears. In some people with tall or large foreheads we will recommend an incision right along the hairline which will allow us to shorten the forehead and lower the hairline. Occasionally a smaller procedure will be performed to lift the lateral brow area.

With the endoscopic approach, we perform the procedure using a tiny fiberoptic camera connected to a monitor. The surgery is performed through small incisions using specialized instruments while using the monitor to guide our movements. We are able to perform the surgery without any visible incisions/scars. This is a very popular option for our younger patients.

Brow lifts are not for everyone, but for the ideal candidate the results are powerful, long lasting and natural in appearance. During your consultation with the Burbank Plastic Surgery team, we will be able to determine whether a brow lift is worth it or not.

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