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2023 Rhinoplasty Cost Guide - How Much Do Nose Jobs Cost?


    Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures on the market today. Many patients find that this procedure helps them feel more confident in their appearance, and it can also correct breathing problems or damage from nasal injuries. 

    If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, it’s important to be aware of the cost of this procedure so you can prepare accordingly. In the US, the approximate cost of a rhinoplasty ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. The exact total will depend on factors like your location, the complexity of your procedure, and the plastic surgeon you choose. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of rhinoplasty surgery in 2023. 

    What is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is a form of plastic surgery that alters the size and structure of your nose. The procedure is often referred to as a “nose job”. Rhinoplasty is typically done for aesthetic reasons, but is also very effective for fixing deviated septums, damage from blunt-force trauma, severe inflammation, and other structural issues within the nose. 

    During the procedure, your surgeon will reshape the cartilage and skin around your nose. They may also adjust the nasal bone as well, depending on your needs and preferences as well as your existing facial features. The surgery is done via local or general anesthesia to keep patients comfortable.  

    Open rhinoplasty uses an incision along the columella, which is the bridge of cartilage separating the nostrils. Closed rhinoplasty uses incisions on the inside of the nose. With both procedures, you won’t experience any visible scarring. 

    Rhinoplasties look different for every patient. For example, your surgeon might adjust the shape and size of your nostrils, straighten the bridge of your nose, or adjust the shape of your nose for symmetry. They will discuss the procedure with you in detail ahead of time to understand what you’re looking for. 

    Rhinoplasty Cost Factors to Know

    Rhinoplasty costs will look different for each patient depending on a variety of key factors. Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost of your surgery. 

    Type of Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Since all rhinoplasties are different, procedures that are more complex will end up costing more money. Complex procedures take longer to complete and require more skill and expertise, which is reflected in the price point. 

    For example, revision rhinoplasty is one of the most complex types of rhinoplasties and therefore is the most expensive. This type of procedure is done to correct unsatisfactory results from a previous rhinoplasty. A major reconstructive surgery after an accident is also likely to be more expensive than correcting a small bump, for example. In comparison, a primary rhinoplasty may cost less. 


    The type of anesthesia used during your surgery will also affect the overall cost. General anesthesia is more expensive than local anesthesia in most cases. You’re also paying for your anesthesiologist’s time as well as the amount of anesthesia you use, so you’ll pay more for longer surgeries. 


    Medical costs vary from city to city based on the local cost of living. This means that rhinoplasty generally costs more in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco than in smaller cities and towns. This 

    Average Rhinoplasty Cost

    During your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss costs with you so you know what to expect. The average cost of rhinoplasty across the United States is $5,483 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

    Some procedures cost less, while others can cost $10,000 or more due to factors mentioned above like surgery type and location. Keep in mind that this average only reflects the cost of surgery itself, and doesn’t include additional costs, which we will discuss later on. 

    Average Rhinoplasty Costs by City

    Location is a major determining factor in the total cost of a rhinoplasty. We’ve compiled some of the average rhinoplasty costs in major US cities. The average across these major metro areas is higher than the average for the US as a whole, coming in at $7,672. 

    • Los Angeles: $9,050

    • Orange County: $6,800

    • Las Vegas: $7,800

    • San Francisco: $8,150

    • New York: $8,550

    • Seattle: $8,575

    • Dallas: $7,800

    • Denver: $7,800

    • Boston: $7,675

    • Washington D.C.: $7,225

    • Chicago: $6,375

    • Miami: $6,275

    Additional Costs

    The surgeon’s fee is only one component of your overall rhinoplasty cost. Here are some of the other costs you’ll pay for rhinoplasty surgery. You can get a rhinoplasty price estimate using our price-estimate calculator.


    As previously mentioned, anesthesia is necessary for all rhinoplasty procedures, and the amount of anesthesia used will affect the overall costs. Anesthesia costs are billed separately from your surgery fee. 

    Operating Fees

    Your medical center will also charge its own facility operating fees separately from surgeon’s fees and other costs. These fees cover the cost of maintaining the facility and equipment. 

    Pre-Operative Appointments

    Before your surgery, you’ll likely have to attend one or more pre-operative appointments, which come with their own costs. Your first step will be a rhinoplasty consultation - some surgeons offer complimentary consultations, but most charge a small fee for them. In most cases, you’ll also need to get blood work done and undergo a physical examination, both of which come with their own fees. 

    Post-Operative Appointments

    After your nasal surgery, you’ll have follow-up appointments with the doctor to monitor your healing. Like pre-op appointments, post-op appointments usually come with extra fees. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for prescription pain medication and any other essential medical supplies for your recovery. 

    Does Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty? 

    Most medical insurance providers do not cover cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery due to the elective nature of the procedure. Rhinoplasty patients should plan to pay for the surgery and associated costs out of pocket. This is why it’s so important to understand the cost of rhinoplasty surgery before committing to the procedure. 

    There are some instances where insurance companies may cover functional rhinoplasty for medical reasons. For example, if a deviated septum is limiting your ability to breathe properly, your insurance might partially or fully cover a rhinoplasty to address it. Insurance may also cover reconstructive rhinoplasty to repair nasal trauma or birth defects. 

    Keep in mind that even if your insurance does cover some of your rhinoplasty costs, you’ll still need to budget for co-pays. If you’re planning on getting a rhinoplasty for functional purposes, reach out to your insurance company ahead of time to get a better understanding of the costs they’ll cover. 

    Financing For Rhinoplasty

    If you’re worried about the total cost of your rhinoplasty, talk to your surgeon’s office about financing options. Many medical providers offer in-house financing for patients who need it. There are also a variety of third-party financing options available, with CareCredit being the most popular choice for healthcare procedures. 

    Financing breaks the total cost of the surgery down into multiple payments, which makes it more manageable for patients on a budget. If you go this route, you’ll need to make a partial payment at the time of the surgery and then pay the rest at predefined intervals later on. 

    There are some other options to consider if you’re struggling with the cost of rhinoplasty financing. Some patients take out personal loans from banks or credit unions, while others use credit cards. Keep in mind that these options could potentially have a negative impact on your credit score, especially if you don’t make your payments on time. You can try our price calculator to get a price range estimate for the cost of your rhinoplasty.

    Risks of Low-Cost Rhinoplasty

    Although rhinoplasty is pricey, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re paying for the surgeon’s skills and experience. It takes extensive education to become a plastic surgeon, and many of the best surgeons hone their craft over decades of work. This experience is reflected in both the cost of the procedure and the results. 

    Because of this, low-cost plastic surgeons are not always the best option for a major procedure like rhinoplasty. You want to feel totally confident in your surgeon’s ability to deliver the results you’re looking for, and that often means spending a little more money up front. If you opt for a low-cost plastic surgeon, you risk being unhappy with the results, and in severe cases, you might even risk physical complications. 

    Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon For Your Rhinoplasty

    With so many options to choose from, finding the right surgeon for your rhinoplasty treatment can feel very daunting. Here’s what to keep in mind when looking for your surgeon. 

    • Always opt for a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that’s been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

    • Consider the surgeon’s education and experience as well as any credentials and notable accolades. 

    • Look for online testimonials and reviews to get an idea of other patients’ experiences with your surgeon. 

    • Look at before and after photo galleries to see if you like the surgeon’s previous work. 

    • Schedule a consultation with the surgeon you’re interested in. You’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable around them and have a good rapport. 


    While rhinoplasty procedures can be expensive, understanding the costs will help you prepare and budget ahead of time. Paying for a reputable and trustworthy board-certified surgeon is the best way to make sure you have a safe and positive experience. 

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