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Open Your Eyes to Blepharoplasty


    If “the eyes are the windows to your soul,” then blepharoplasty is the most sophisticated and effective window treatment in the world.

    Blepharoplasty, or “eyelid surgery,” is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that we perform here at Burbank Plastic Surgery. This collection of procedures works to enhance the appearance of the eye area by eliminating the phenomenon known as “droopy eyelid syndrome.” With 40 years of combined experience with these procedures, our office has helped hundreds of men and women enliven their appearance with these customizable eyelid surgeries.

    “The one thing I love about their work is how clean it is, how clean and genuine the people [at Burbank Plastic Surgery] are. Overall, I would recommend anyone to Dr. Orloff.

     – Alicia S.

    How it Works

    Upper eyelid surgery commonly enhances the face by removing excess skin, protruding fat, and/or lifting droopy eyelids. The procedure essentially opens up the eyes by 5-20%, restoring a more active, youthful appearance. And don’t worry, marks from the procedure are well camouflaged in the eyelid crease and all but invisible to the outside world.

    Lower blepharoplasty is a procedure that removes the fatty pouches that cause the lower eyelid to bulge. The bulging fat can make the circles under the eyes stand out. In rare cases skin needs to be removed in the lower eyelid area for maximum efficacy. The treatment can also reduce or remove bags under eyes, making way for a more awake appearance. Patients who have these surgeries have reported having an overall “happier appearance.”


    The recovery from blepharoplasty is straightforward and far more mild than other cosmetic surgeries. Generally speaking there is minimal discomfort after surgery, and our patients tell us what discomfort there may be is well worth it for the elimination of a droopy eyelid. In fact, most patients return to their usual activities within a few days and report feeling and looking “better than they could have hoped” after just a few weeks.