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Breast Implant Illness and En Bloc Removal


    Every year, more than 300,000 women in the U.S. undergo implant breast enhancement, and another 100,000 women undergo implant reconstruction after breast cancer. The majority of these individuals enjoy the lasting benefits of these procedures, but a small number go on to develop a constellation of undesirable symptoms, which have been loosely termed as Breast Implant Illness (BII).

    BII symptoms may include:

    • Breast and body pain

    • Fatigue

    • Joint and muscle pain

    • Autoimmune disorders

    • Difficulty concentrating

    At Burbank Plastic Surgery we offer a comprehensive approach to women who are suffering from this illness, beginning with a thorough evaluation and physical exam. This may include blood testing, an autoimmune and connective tissue disease work-up, and/or imaging.

    If explantation surgery is indicated, we make every effort to remove the implants en bloc, and offer additional procedures to make your breasts look the best they can afterwards, including lifting techniques to optimize breast shape, and fat grafting to optimize breast size. We follow our patients for two years, guiding them through their personal process of healing.

    The Burbank Plastic Surgery Comprehensive BII approach:

    1. Thorough symptom evaluation and physical exam

    2. Blood and tissue disease work-up (as needed)

    3. Imaging (as needed)

    4. Review all implant removal options

    5. Discuss and plan for shape and size of breasts, after removal surgery

    Explantation approach:

    • En Bloc removal of implant contained within capsule, whenever possible

    • Removal of all implant and capsule material piece by piece, if En Bloc not possible

    • Photography and/or videography

    • Fungal/mold/bacterial tissue analysis if appropriate

    • Microscopic (histologic) tissue analysis if appropriate

    In an effort to make each of our BII patients whole again, reconstructive options are considered as a part of every surgical plan, to be performed either during the same operation as implant removal, or as a separate procedure later on, depending on patient condition and preference. These include various techniques of breast lifts, to maintain optimal breast shape, as well as fat grafting to use the patient’s own tissue to restore some of the lost breast volume.

    Our Care For You

    At Burbank Plastic Surgery, we aim to provide the very best care possible for all of our patients. Every woman we treat is different and may require different treatment options. We work together with each patient to help them heal, recover, and achieve comfort and happiness with their body. In short: we want all our patients to feel and look better.

    If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, Dr. Swistun and Dr. Orloff at Burbank Plastic Surgery are eager to help. Please call 818 848-0590 to schedule your evaluation, and take your first step on the road of healing.

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