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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant


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FUE Hair
Transplant Los Angeles

(Follicular Unit Extraction)

Hair loss is a frustrating and unwelcome effect of aging, hormones, genetics, and even some health conditions. It is heartbreaking to go from having a thick, full head of hair, to watching it slowly thin and fall out. There was a time when this would be just a fact of life, but now we have excellent methods to restore your crowning glory.

Hair transplantation works, and with the advances in technology that are available to us today, we can confidently say that your results will look perfectly natural.

Why people have this procedure:


Their hair loss will not respond to topical solutions, prescription medications, or PRP.


To permanently combat thinning hair or balding areas, with very little maintenance.


They are uncomfortable or nervous to wear a wig or hair piece.

The Process

There is a true art to this procedure. It requires a careful eye and attention to detail to achieve excellent results. Your surgeon will listen to your goals, and after a discussion and an examination, they will recommend a plan that will result in the most attractive and satisfying outcome.

  • First, we trim the hair at your donor site and then extract healthy individual hair follicles from the area. (We typically use hair from the back of the head, where it is thickest and most genetically resistant to hair loss.)

  • Once the desired number of grafts are obtained, they are separated and sorted. Your donor sites are left to heal, they do not require suturing. The resulting scars are less noticeable to the eye than with the horizontal linear scar left by the traditional hair transplant method. (FUT)

  • When the harvested grafts are ready, they are strategically placed in the areas where you are experiencing hair loss. This takes a practised eye to create the perfect hairline and to match the grafts to your existing natural one.

  • This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you are able to chat or watch television, and even have a lunch break.


Because this treatment is minimally invasive, you can resume low impact regular activities fairly quickly.

  • By day 3-4, the swelling will be most noticeable, but the pain will be minimal. We will send you with post-operative care instructions.

  • After your procedure is completed, you will also go through a natural cycle of shedding and then regrowth. Full results can take between 6 and 9 months, sometimes taking even as long as 14 months. Each follicle goes through its own life cycle (anagen, catagen and telogen) and this will impact the time it will take to see a thick, full head of hair.

Hair transplantation additions

to boost results:

PureCell PRP

PureCell PRP

Purecell PRP boosters help improve follicle recovery and healing of the new grafts.



Our proprietary peptide therapy helps to stimulate thicker, fuller hair growth.

Scalp Nano-Fat Transfer

Scalp Nano-Fat Transfer

Fat is harvested from a suitable area on your body, processed and purified, isolating valuable stem cells, which are then injected into the scalp to promote natural hair regeneration.

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