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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant


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Eyebrows are decidedly one of the most important features on one’s face. They accentuate the eyes, frame the face, and are key in communication and self expression.

Whether you fell victim to the fad of over plucking, or natural thinning has occurred due to age, genetics, or some medical conditions, these conditions are irreversible. Cosmetics or tattooing are not a permanent solution, and they lack the three- dimensional quality of natural eyebrows.

Why people have this procedure:


Cosmetics constantly need to be touched up, and tattooing is one dimensional and does fade in time.


It is a permanent solution to patchy or thinning eyebrows.


Your own hair is used, so the results are very natural looking.

The Process

This is a very artistic and precise procedure. It requires a careful eye and attention to detail to achieve excellent results.

  • The surgery is very similar to a traditional hair transplant and is completed under local anesthesia.

  • First, a small strip of hair will be shaved—typically from the back of the head—and healthy hair follicles are harvested. This area is often used as a donor site, as this hair is genetically programmed to grow through a lifetime, and it is also a discreet area that can be disguised as it heals.

  • Before the actual transplantation begins, the desired brow will be drawn on to verify size and shape with you.

  • Once the follicles are prepared, local anesthetic is given in the brow area, and the surgeon implants the follicles as indicated by the outline. Follicles need to be carefully inserted to lay as an eyebrow would naturally grow.

  • This painstaking procedure will take approximately 6 hours, but is dependent on how many follicles are required to achieve the desired results.


Patients can typically return to work several days after the procedure, but be aware that you will have visible scabs.

  • Any discomfort can be managed with prescription or over-the-counter medication.

  • There will be some bruising and swelling, and the transplant area will be scabbed for several days.

  • Be cautious not to disturb the area and keep it out of the sun.

  • You will notice the newly transplanted hair fall out after about 2-3 weeks, This is a normal part of the process and the follicle will return to the growth (Anagen) phase.

Personalize your brow transplant:

PureCell PRP

PureCell PRP

Purecell PRP boosters help improve follicle recovery and healing of the new grafts.



Our proprietary peptide therapy helps to stimulate thicker, fuller hair growth.

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