More and more, patients come to us looking for… “something” to revitalize their face, but they’re not quite sure what they’re looking more. We sat down with Dr. Orloff to discuss how he and the staff of Burbank Plastic Surgery rejuvenation center help patients determine their ideal course of action to achieve their desired aesthetic results.

“The one thing I love about their work is how clean it is, how clean and genuine the people [at Burbank Plastic Surgery] are. Overall, I would recommend anyone to Dr. Orloff.

 – Alicia S.

Q: What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Dr. Orloff: Facial rejuvenation is defined by exactly one factor: what the patient wants. The process is similar to buying a house and is just as subjective. In that way, we tailor a course of action to each individuals’ aesthetic desires and situation at our rejuvenation center.

Q: How do you do that? What is the Process?

Dr. Orloff: We always begin with a conversation between the patient and our medical staff (either me or my colleague Dr. Swistun) about what the patient’s goals and ideal final visage might look like. You may say “I want to look less tired” and we can tell you how to achieve that result – we don’t expect you to know how to do anything, we only want to help you achieve your final aesthetic outcome.

With that said, generally speaking, our patients’ first concern tends to do with their skin – either texture, wrinkles, or discoloration. These issues can be addressed with a customized skin care program that could include peels, lasers procedures, and other processes that we handle here in our office.

Q: So – then what?

Dr. Orloff: There are two primary ways our procedures can improve the aesthetic appeal of your face: the first is restoring volume (usually to the top of the cheeks and the corners of the mouth), and the second is lifting soft tissue to combat the appearance of puffiness, tiredness, and/or sagging. For some patients, eyelifts, browlifts, or other facelift procedures can make a pleasant and palpable difference in their day-to-day appearance.

Q: Who is Right for Facial Rejuvenation?

Dr. Orloff: Anyone who looks in the mirror and thinks to themselves “there’s something just not quite right” can be helped by facial rejuvenation. At Burbank Plastic Surgery we strive to provide the best possible results with the quickest recovery in a safe and caring environment.

We also have put together a FAQ page that should answer many topline questions that patients often ask during our consolation.

Before and After

Take a look at some of our recent Facial Rejuvenation center patients:

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